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Breastfeeding and Formula feeding at the same time

I'm having a really hard time with this.  I don't want to exclusively breastfeed, but I do want to experience it.  I have many reasons why I don't want to just breastfeed, but in the long run, it's just that simple, I can't exclusively breastfeed.  So does anyone have any information on good, cheaper pumps since I'm not sure I'll be doing it full time or for an extended period of time?  I've done some research, and I know I need to talk to a LC, but I just want someone elses personal experience that has been through this particular issue.


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Re: Breastfeeding and Formula feeding at the same time

  • I was unable to BF my milk didn't come in. I had to supplement early on, I have no bad opinions about formula. My son is 14 months old and is rarely sick. He only got a cold once he started MDO at 1year old. I'd say to rent a hospital grade pump from a local place. I forgot where I rented mine but the hospital or BF specialists should be able to guide you in the right direction. Hope this helps
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