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My husband and I gave birth to our first child in August after having success with IVF.  We have 3 frozen embryos.  We are thinking about giving it another shot around July.  Just wondering if any of you moms out there have had success getting pregnant using frozen embryos? 

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  • I am following this post. We had our baby in January from IVF and also have 3 frozen embryos. We are doing a FET in April hopefully. Our RE's office has a good success rate with FET.

    TTC for 1.5 years with a crappy RE. 12 cycles with clomid (11 too many)
    New RE, 3 failed IUI's moving to IVF with ICSI
    IVF#1 BFP EDD 1/10/13
    Beta#1 51  Beta #2 148
    A/S 8/20/13 Team Pink
    Induced week 39 due to severe GD
    Baby girl born 1/4/13

           TTC #2 2 failed IUI's moving on to FET 3/2014
    ET 3/25 
    Beta #1 127
    Beta #2 845
    U/s 4/22 It's TWINS!!
    Team Purple!!

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  • I responded to your post in PAIF :)
    IVF #1- BFP- DD 4/8/2011
    FET #1- 3BB and 3B-B
    Beta #1 (4w0d)- 504
    Beta #2 (4w4d)- 4,577
    Beta #3 (6w0d)- 78,399 HB 115 bpm
    U/S #2 7w0d- HB 155 bpm

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  • We did fresh (ended ectopic) had 5 frozen left. Two in FET cycle failed. Next two embies- twins!!! But lost one. DD born Sep 2011 and just tried last Embie in this past November but no go. Everyone has different circumstances, I think stress lessened our chances. But our one success was a Frozen!!!
    January 2007- Stop BCP! Let's DO this!
    June 2010- MFI. BS. IVF! Ectopic. BS. image

    November 2010- FAILED FET! BS!
    January 2011- BFP FET! TWINS!
    February 2011- lost twin. BS. image

    SEPTEMBER 2011- DD Born! Most awesome girl in the world!

    November 2013- FAILED FET! BS! (screw you November FETs)
    April Fresh Cycle, FAILED. Frozen embryos frozen for future FETs.


    We can't wait to meet you!
    Conception:imageimageimage Potato Love!

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