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Triumphs of 2013

What have been your SN child's accomplishments over the past year?

Dd has had joint attention since right before she turned two but in the context of highly preferred play activities. Her speech therapy has been routine based, mostly closed end, predictable activities with new ones gradually brought in to expand her play skills which she has done well with. Today at the end of therapy dd wasn't ready to quit playing. Her therapist was talking to me since we had to switch her schedule for next week and dd tried to get her attention. Her therapist asked her to wait for a second so she could finish up what she was saying. Dd then began hopping on her rody horse she got for christmas and intentionally fell off it to get her SLPs attention. Her SLP then made up a social game involving her new toy and dd mimicked, listened to and followed instructions, waited her turn, showed great joint attention and used her words. She ended up being 15 minutes late to her next appointment because she couldn't stop playing with dd. i was thinking back to the kid at her first evaluation a year and a half ago who shoved the toys in her mouth they showed her and put her head in my lap and cried when they asked her to do anything. We've come so, so far even though its tough to remember sometimes. I'm really excited to see what 2014 brings. :)
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Re: Triumphs of 2013

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  • 1. Will use the toilet when placed. Santa brought big boy underwear!
    2. Is getting a lot better at going up and down stairs, but still prefers a hand hold.
    3. Much more chatty and repeating more than one word or phrases.
    4. I think we are ready to toss the sippy cups and bibs. Cup drinking is much more controlled.
    5. The high chair has been retired.
    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

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  • Potty trained
    Learned to ride a tricycle
    Flew cross country without any problem
    Carries on conversations
    Learned how to float on his back and graduated water safety class!
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    Survived Kindergarten transition, it was touch and go for a while. I wondered if he'd need a less inclusive environment (currently mainstreamed 91% of the time) but he pulled it together.

    Writes his name and most other capitals with modeling

    Attempting to sound out words

    His back and forth conversation skills have blossomed

    He's so much better at small social things like getting your attention before talking to you and turn taking.

    His pretend play and problem solving skills are so much better

    Starting to be more assertive.

    DS 09/2008

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  • It was about this time last year (@15 mos) that I began to have concerns about DS. At the time I thought it was just a speech delay....

    Since his inital developmental eval in June, he has gone from humming only to making a variety of noises and even some words. He has about 30 words, including a bunch of two word phrases and a few sentences. His receptive language has skyrocketed as well. He follows some important commands (get down, sit down, no touch).

    His eye contact, imitative play and general engagement in the word around him has improved hugely.

    Thank you for this thread. Ive been struggling feeling like he has stalled and we arent seeing improvement...when actually he has come a long way.

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