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Pushing myself

So before pregnancy, I used to push myself. My workouts varied from 7 to bouts of level 10 exertions (short hiit).

I am 14 wks and I workout 3 times a week at a 3-6 level.

I'm scared to push myself. Can we get to 7,8,9? Where do we draw the line?

Also, when I run I feel pressure from possibly uterus jumping all over the place? Do I bare discomfort? Is it normal?

Finally, is stationary cycling safe as cardio?

Thank you!!

Re: Pushing myself

  • 1. I think you can push yourself harder than a 3, but I wouldn't go all the way to a 10.  I would workout at a moderate to hard level.  You can sweat and breathe a little heavy. I push myself a little during running and I do yoga where I push myself a little. 

    2. I feel pressure from running (I'm 33 weeks) and I run through pressure and discomfort.  I also have a maternity support band thing that helps. 

    3. I can't think of why stationary biking would not be okay.  At this point, I don't have a lap, so I can't imagine it would be very comfortable on a bike with that belly all the way down my thighs, but early on, I can't see why not. 
  • I wouldn't push it like you did before you got pregnant. I cut back and did what my body told me. You will know.

    And yes- I did spinning until about 6 or 7 months- then when my belly popped I couldn't really- it was uncomfortable!
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