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This is my first time posting on the Bump, ever. I never really got into the forums when I was actually pregnant, but I'm going out of my mind thinking about this and thought out of all the boards I could post on, this might be the best fit. To understand my question/problem, please read my background. It's so hard to explain it if someone doesn't understand where I'm coming from in the first place.

Background; I lost my first set of identical twins(1st pregnancy) at about 8-9 weeks in May 2012. In my second consecutive pregnancy, I was expecting identical twins again. Baby B passed at 6w2d right after our first ultrasound while Baby A continued to grow normally. On May 17, 2013, I was involved in a car accident where the other made a left hand turn into me while I was going straight through an intersection. The airbags didn't deploy, but everything I had in my car literally flew forward to the windshield I slammed on my breaks so hard; and because I was only concerned about the baby, I didn't even remember if anything hit me or I hit my head/went forward. Needless to say, my OB said I was fine as long as I wasn't bleeding or leaking fluid, despite the agonizing abdominal pain and terrible feeling I had. In the meantime, I started seeing a chiropractor for the back pain and as the weeks passed, it became troublesome to sleep the back pain and abdominal pain was so intense. 3 weeks and a couple days after my accident, I woke up to blood and fluid soaked pants. I was 20w3d at the time and my OB had me go to L&D at the hospital right away. Once I got there, I found out I was 3cm dilated and my water was slipping through my cervix. The doctors couldn't do anything to reverse it, so I was admitted for permanent bed rest until whenever I delivered. Later that night my contractions got worse and the baby's foot was poking through my cervix. They transferred me back down to L&D and I delivered my daughter the next morning at 20w4d. Although she was not able to breathe on her own, she graced us with 70 precious minutes before her heart stopped beating on June 8, 2013. 12 days later, I went on the pill because knowing I most likely had a serious back injury from the accident, there's no way I could have another baby anytime soon(and after several MRI's/x-rays, I have multiple herniated and bulging discs throughout my whole back from the neck down). I was 3 pills shy of completing my 28-day pack of the pills when I started having chest pains. They only got worse and long story short, I found myself in the ER with a serious pulmonary embolism and DVT. After gathering my medical history, the doctors concluded it was caused by the accident(I'm a healthy 22 year old, no smoking/drinking/drugs, and was very active from moving a lot while I worked) I spent a week in the same hospital I lost my daughter at and left having to take a generic Coumadin(blood thinner) and a shot called Lovenox(also a blood thinner and most likely the same one I would have to be on for any future pregnancies according to the doctors I had). Fast forward about a month and a half later, I had a non hormonal IUD inserted(Paragard b/c it was safe to use with the Coumadin) while I started my 2nd cycle postpartum. Now, all my cycles before my 1st miscarriage and after were all regular and came like clockwork. After the loss of my daughter, the first cycle was regular, then the next one was 12 days late. I had the IUD inserted a day after my period began. All my periods after the IUD have been all out of whack, last normal cycles of 29 days and going out to 39 days.

My predicament: IDK what the hell is going on, but lately I've been feeling what has felt like the first fetal movements at first and then a couple weeks later, have felt what feels like little kicks and flips. I'm not sure if I'm feeling phantom kicks from the loss of my daughter or if maybe there's a baby in there. I never had any pregnancy symptoms besides sore breasts with my first pregnancy. Then nausea in the morning until I ate something(nothing ever like that before a pregnancy). I started thinking there's no way I could be pregnant because I have an IUD, but then I started putting everything together. A few months back in early October, I felt nauseas in the morning and at the time, that period I was expecting was 4 days late. I worried and thought about buying a test within the next few days, but then brushed the notion aside when I got my period the next day. Then fast forward up until now, my back pain has gotten worse and I'm not doing anything out of the norm for my injury to be acting up(I'm still out of work from the car accident), I've been having difficultly sleeping, feeling extremely exhausted during the day and have taking a nap every day for a little over 2 months now(never could tell if I had this symptom before because I stood on my feet for 50+ hours every week), I've just 'felt' pregnant, increased appetite, slight heartburn, slightly sore breasts and bloated nearly every single day for quite a while. My regular doctor asked me if I was having digestion issues bc my stomach felt firmer than normal(I can't tell bc I'm slightly overweight) and when I said no, he issued a nutrition blood lab work in addition to blood clotting lab work and those came back normal. So I ended up taking numerous pregnancy tests and all came back negative, I just can't shake the notion that I'm pregnant though even with negative hpt's. Looking at the big picture, I have gotten a period every month and I have an IUD, plus with the blood thinning medication, that's not even safe for a pregnancy to begin with, so logically to me, I shouldn't be pregnant. I guess where I'm going with, any advice? I just wanted to stay clear of my OB because I don't exactly trust them after I lost my daughter, but I can't find a new doctor who would take all that in without thinking I'm so loony person. Also, has anyone had any experiences with a blood thinning medication and false negative tests? I can't find answers anywhere.

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  • I know from my experience with my IUD the doctor gave me a pregnancy test the day they put the IUD in because they were dilating my cervix to put in the IUD they told me it is something they insist  on doing. You are likely not pregnant. The hormones from the IUD could be making things feel weird to you. If you received the IUD with hormones. I have the mirana and I bled on and off for 2 months following insertion. I hope you start to feel better soon. I am so so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby girl and sorry you have to deal with all of the pain of the car accident I have been in 5 accidents and have major back issues because of the accidents. back pain can alter your life!! Good luck to you I hope you start feeling better soon.



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  • So sorry for your losses. I agree with Heather, in all likelihood you're not pregnant. If you can't shake the idea of it is suggest seeing some doctor and asking for a blood test to see if there's hcg...that will be your definitive. Sounds like you've been through a lot recently maybe that would help put your mind at ease. Also, I'm on Lovenox for pregnancy and its totally fine and matter of fact advised for me with a clotting disorder so having had a PE I'd think you're fine.
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  • I don't really have any advice/answers in regards to being pregnant, aside from see your doctor and ask for an ultrasound. But I'm so sorry for your losses and all you've been through. What a year.

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  • Thank you all so much, I really appreciate you kind words and input. I actually have the Paragard IUD, which is actually made with copper and is completely hormone free. It was one of the few birth control options my doctor gave me to choose from that would be safe. They think the hormones in birth control pill I was taking prior to my pulmonary embolism was a factor that played in having the blood clots in the first place. I know logically in my head that I couldn't be(they also did a urine pregnancy test before I had it inserted), I have the IUD and I have gotten a period every month since the IUD was in place. It just wouldn't make sense that I am, but I couldn't explain these "kicking" sensations. I think after googling and finding that women have gotten pregnant using Paragard and still had a period through their entire pregnancy, it kinda just freaked me out and added to my paranoia. As far as I know, they all had positive hpt's though when mine were all negative.
  • No harm in asking for blood work to be done.
    Could be a little post traumatic too?
    Have you thought of trying to see a grief counselor?
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