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Remind me please, which is worse?

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Which is worse? End of pregnancy or first few weeks with a newborn. I'm so uncomfortable, but don't remember life being a walk in the park with a newborn either.

Remind me please, which is worse? 252 votes

End of pregnancy
40% 102 votes
First few weeks with a newborn
34% 88 votes
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24% 62 votes

Re: Remind me please, which is worse?

  • My babies were both easier on the inside.
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  • Definitely the end of pregnancy because my squish wasn't here. Now even though I'm tired and emotional, I just look at my son and it's all so worth it.


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  • I chose end of pregnancy simply because though interrupted, at least I'm sleeping. There was NO comfortable position at the end, and I couldn't take anything for pain.

    Newborns are hard, but this too shall pass.
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  • Last time around having a newborn was tougher. This time around end of pregnancy was tougher.

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  • I say the end of pregnancy and I didn't even make it all the way! I hated my last couple weeks of being pregnant with a passion. And I know I'm always farting rainbows when I talk about LO but I just love everything about having him here with me. Maybe he's a freakishly good baby?! I'm not sure.
  • Pregnancy was harder!! I was sooooo uncomfortable and miserable that I could barely walk. And I was induced a while week early. At least I have my beautiful little girl to stare at and snuggle when I'm up all night with her. And when it gets hard, I can hand her off to DH ;)

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  • Despite my healthy pregnancy, I was so freaking uncomfortable at the end and so over it I'd take my roughest day with G over that. At least now I get some help and I can actually sleep when I have the chance. And I get to stare at her gorgeous little face at the end of the day.
  • Without question end of pregnancy. Either way you get no sleep, but with a newborn at least you get a baby.
  • Definitely life with a newborn. I had a pretty easy pregnancy so this new stage is kicking my ass.

    This. I was sleeping all night, still working out and getting out of the house. I love my babe but this is hard.




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  • I chose end of pregnancy even though it was fine. LO is a really good baby.
  • I'd say end of pregrancy was harder mainly because I was so impatient. I hated not knowing when she was gonna come and fearing l&d. The hardest time for me so far with LO was the first night, trying to get my fragile tiny person to BF and up all day and night after the contractions and pushing. I barely had any energy to speak. But I would take that over feeling like I'm about to lose my mind those last few wks of pregnancy.

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  • The first time, it was way harder to deal with all the newborn stuff. This time, they're nearly even, though I'd still say life with a newborn is harder.

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  • I wish I had an inside baby right now :( life with a newborn is HARD.


    Double ditto!
  • I think it depends on how difficult your pregnancy was. I was absolutely miserable, and in so much pain. Life with a newborn is hard (not sleeping is miserable!), but I'm so glad to not be pregnant anymore.
  • I had a fairly easy pregnancy so I said first few weeks. This 3 week growth spurt is kicking my ass. I haven't gotten any sleep in 3 days :( ... Not that I've slept a lot since Lilly was born.


  • Despite sleep deprivation, I have much more energy ad comfort two weeks out than I had at the end of pregnancy.
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  • I had an easy breezy pregnancy. I slept like a rock and I miss sleeping! I said life with a NB is harder, even though it's really not that bad.
  • I picked newborn but I had a c-section so its hard to move and hes only 5 days old
  • Pregnancy was way harder for me all 3 times. I'm so much more rested with a newborn, my babies have all been good sleepers and never awake at night except to nurse.
  • As much as the discomfort from engorgement/my milk coming in and postpartum cramping/aching sucks, as well as the recovery from getting stitches etc, I'd still take all that over the last month or two of pregnancy. At least when I do sleep it isn't an futile ordeal and each day I feel a little better, whereas while I was pregnant each day was a little worse by the end! Also DD2 is a good natured baby overall, and snuggles can make most any day better.
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  • Both are really hard in different ways so I can't say which is harder. I love that she's here and I'm not pregnant anymore but I also miss being pregnant with her. Even when I was really sick & uncomfortable I loved being pregnant! But she is such a good baby and I love that she's here now so I guess I can't pick either one.
  • The anxiety of when is he coming, will my water break at work, how much pain will I be in, is nothing compaired to the anxiety of what if stops breathing in the night, why is he arching his back like that does he have reflux, is he hurting, why is he crying?

    But, I do not miss the pain or how slow I was walking/waddling, feeling like a beached whale or turtle on it's back when trying to roll over in bed. End of pregnancy was way worse.

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  • I said newborn, but I might want to change my vote! I had plenty of sleep at the end-not much else to do while on bed rest. I temporarily forgot about the twice weekly OB appointments that usually ended with a trip to L&D for extended monitoring, the worries over induction before I was ready, and wondering what the insurance would have to say about the numerous ultrasounds. Since he's arrived, the only real problems have been sleep deprivation, adjusting to breastfeeding, and a slight case of jaundice.
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  • My end of pregnancy became pretty tough but I still slept a lot until the PUPPs got really bad and I woke up shaking multiple times a night from the itch. I am going to have to go with that when I really remind myself how swollen I became, how itchy and burny the PUPPs felt, and my blood pressure just getting higher. My little girl is beautiful, healthy, and although it's been rough adjusting, labor was a struggle and scary, I am so happy to look at her, so happy to hold her. My DH is so in love. It's a very sweet feeling.
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