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Holidays, travel and not sleeping

We just got home last night from our in laws for the holiday. Baby was way off schedule while away, which I expected. She hardly napped or nursed being in a new environment. I was excited to get home and looking forward to getting her back on her routine but today has been a disaster! She learned how to stand up in her crib this morning (she knew how to pull up for months, but didn't roll off back to get up ever so she was not standing in crib-until this morning at nap time). Nap did not happen this morning. She fell asleep while using for about half an hour and is extremely fussy and tired but will no sleep when I put her in crib. She will only stand and cry! She has never been a good napper and just started being able to fall asleep on her own when being put in crib. This is horrible. What can I do?

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  • My LO was a bit off from staying away from home too but we just kept up our normal routine and he fell back into it after a couple of days.  If she just learned to stand, give her a few more days to practice that skill. I bet by next week she'll be back to "normal" ;) 

  • I could have written this exactly word for word. We were just starting to get good naps and only 1 night waking. She sorta slept ok while away but couldn't stand in the pnp. Now home in the crib and she only stands and cries instead of sleeping/napping. DH just lowered the mattress to the bottom setting tonight.

    I keep telling myself it will pass but boy it sure is discouraging. At least we aren't alone.

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  • She's been standing for months, but just learned that she could roll from her back to belly and stand up from there. She wasn't much of a roller and would just lay on her back if she fell over. We've been trying to help her learn to get off her back by herself and I regret it now! No naps yesterday and a horrible night sleeping. I sure hope this doesn't last!
  • When DD started standing and figured out she could do it in her crib we went through a rough patch sleep wise.  Keep working with her on getting herself back to a lying position (DD sleeps on her stomach all the time now) and eventually she'll get over the novelty of standing up in her crib.

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