Baby is Breech, Dr recommended a "version"

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Hi Ladies, I havent really been posting much, as things have been going smoothly. I am 36 weeks pregnant, and baby had turned head down 2 weeks ago, but at my last visit he had turned head up and the Dr said not to worry as the baby has a week or two to turn on his own and if he doesnt, the Dr will try to turn the baby himself. This is the first time that I hear about this, and have read some mixed thoughts about it. There is a 50/50 chance of the baby turning head down, if the baby is in distress and the  baby's heart rate drops, they will do a c-section right away to get the baby out. I really want a VBAC and I am trying to stay positive, as he had turned once head down he might do it again in the next few weeks, I just dont want to do anything to mess with nature and end up with a c-section few weeks prior to my due date. I am thinking of telling the Dr to just let nature take its course, if the baby doesnt end up turning by my due date, or I start getting contractions anytime in between now and then, to just take me for a RC. What do you ladies think? Am I making a big deal out of the "version" process? It only takes minutes to turn the baby, if successful, but I would hate it if it doesnt work or even worse if they have to get the baby out because of this process :( I go to see my Dr later on today, hopefully the baby will be head down, fingers crossed :)

Re: Baby is Breech, Dr recommended a "version"

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    I would ask your doctor the odds of them having to do an emergency c/s--I think it is pretty low but that might help you make the decision. It really comes down to what you are more comfortable with--the chance of not being able to try for a VBAC if you don't do the version, or the chance that you might need an emergency c/s if you do. The higher odds of a RCS, but a planned one, or the lower odds of a RCS, but the possibility it might be an emergency one.

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    Thanks Iris. You have a valid point. I saw my Dr yesterday and the baby is now head down! :) I'm so excited! Lets hope he stays that way until birth :)
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