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Any Wilmington moms around?

Hey ladies!

My husband and I just moved to the Wilmington area (Carolina Beach to be exact) and are expecting our first sweet baby girl any day now (due date 1/9/14). Just wondering if there are any Wilmington Mommas out there. We are originally from Raleigh and have been here since October. I'm going to be a SAHM for the first 6 months. Short of driving home every weekend to see our friends and family I'm looking for a new group of gals with similar lifestyles to chat with :)

Congrats to everyone!

Re: Any Wilmington moms around?

  • Congratulations on your new baby girl! I hope your pregnancy and delivery went well.

    My husband and I have been living here in Wilmington for about three years now we live in Monkey Junction and are looking for couples to get to know who are starting their families. I just found out i'm pregnant so our children wouldn't be too close in age but I own a small local daycare and have tons of experience. None of our friends really have children so we are looking to make new friends here as we plan on living in Wilmington for a long time! We really enjoy it here.  Congrats again on your new addition!

  • Congrats on your pregnancy! Is this going to be your first baby? When are you due?

    Our delivery couldn't have been more perfect. I went to the hospital to be induced on the night of the 7th and at 12:20am on the 9th out she came. It only took 10 minutes of pushing. I love being a mom more than anything. She has already taught me so much about myself.

    I look forward to chatting with you!
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  • Hi guys!! I also live in Wilmington - I only found reviews for two obgyn offices, Glenn Meade & Wilmington Health. All I saw was bad reviews so I am a little hesitant. Azalea told me they would only see me for my first trimester (I am already a patient of theirs, as I am being treated for endometriosis). Do you know which office is better? I am leaning towards Glenn Meade...
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  • I go to Wimlington Health. At first I was a little unhappy with them. I don't feel like they were personable enough. Me personally, I like to talk and get to know who is going to be delivering my baby. I saw lots of different doctors there and finally found 2 that I love! Dr Vogel (he delivered my baby) and Dr Hall (a female incase you have a preference). Both of these doctors are great. They treat you like a person and not just another patient on their long list to see.

    If you don't like Glenn Mead I would give WH a try and just ask for one of those Dr.'s.

    Good luck! When are you due btw?
  • Hi everyone!! I'm a first time mom in Wilmington and my EDD is Oct. 22. I go to Glen Meade and I like it so far. I had an ectopic back in Dec. and all the doctors and nurses I saw were really great and kind about everything that was going on. So far so good!
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  • So sorry I didn't see this right away!!! My due date is October 6th!! I decided to go with Glenn Meade because WH lost my paperwork, and then was super nasty to me!! The office manager did call me back and apoligize-she was very nice!!
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  • So glad that I found this post! I am 20 weeks pregnant and due in September with twins. I got in pregnant in CA and was not allowed to fly back until recently and now I am looking into OB offices. I contacted Glen Meade and was told that they need to review my medical records from CA first to see if they will accept me as a patient.. Hopefully they accept me or its WH for me. 
  • I am sure GM will take you-I think it is just protocol to review anyone that is a transfer. My gyno is in Wilmington and I still had to get my records reviewed :)
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  • I live near Carolina Beach. Pregnant with my second child, due in June/July.
  • Just saw this board. I too live in Wilmington - around Pine Valley. I'm pregnant with my first and I'm due in March.
  • I'm also pregnant with my first in Wilmington, toward Hampstead. I go to Glean Meade and love them!
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  • I'm in Wilmington/MJ area, prego with our second child (our daughter will be 4 in Feb.) and due 7/16. I've so far been really pleased with Wilmington Health...I'm not sure if there are multiple obgyn offices for them but I go to the one off of 17th. There are a lot of great Wilmington area mom groups on Facebook and lots to do around the area if you like to stay busy with the little ones!
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