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anyone use a nipple shield long term?

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LO will be 7 months next week and has been staying in her normal 30% percentile for weight, has good diaper counts and is happy and one of the early crawlers.

With all of that I wasn't too concerned that we were still using a nipple shield. I've tried countless times to wean off by takinf it off mid-feed with no success. At this point is it worth it to continue trying to wean or am I okay to keep using till my 1 year goal?

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Re: anyone use a nipple shield long term?

  • My LO is 4 months and we've been on shield since day 1. I have pretty flat nipples. I've tried taking it off halfway and I've tried pumping then offering without it, but it doesn't seem to work for him.
    We worked really hard to get a good latch on shield at the beginning so supply has never been an issue- his weight gain and daily diapers are right on track, and I always have a shield at the ready.
    I know in a perfect world I would wean him off it, but this works for us so I see no reason to stress or mess with it!
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  • @charmcity82 - Thanks! Those were my thoughts initially too. I think I am just overthinking it.
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  • Ugh in going through this SAME dilemma!

    Do you mind me asking how long it takes to feed for y'all with the shield??

    LO is 8 weeks, tried to wean him this week with no success (too painful!!) and now I'm frantically searching the internet trying to find mom's who used the shield long term with success.

    Found a couple if helpful websites:

    They explain that yes, the nipple shield is temporary - but ONLY if you want it to be. If it works for you, and baby is gaining well, then continue to use it! They say the "newer" nipple shields do NOT decrease milk supply in the (limited) research that has been done.
  • My LO is 4 months old and we have used the nipple shield from day 1. It is now possible to nurse on my left side without it in a pinch, but righty is still too flat. Its a bit of a hassle but I have no plans to stop.

    To pp who asked how long nursing takes, about 10 minutes- sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter.
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  • I've been on the nipple shied since day 1. Baby girl has a 4th degree tongue tie? Took LC's word for it and never bothered to consult specialized ENT for fix. (Myself, my brother, and my mum were all tongue tie and dont have any lasting effects) and I'm too much of a chicken to take LO to get it sorted... regardless I have psoriasis (moved to nipples after about 3 weeks EBF) and I think without the nipple shield it would be an impossibility. I want to EBF for 1 year :) She's 3 months now - I have no plans to wean from the nipple shield!

    Initially she nursed FOREVER. Like 30-45minutes! She would not get off (wee piggie) :) She's petite though - 25% and holding steady. Plenty of diapers and all of that! At around 3 months she dropped her nursing time and is now averaging 20 mins. Although when I'm "full" in the morning - even with the nipple shield she'll be done in 10 mins! (lightning speed!)

    I'm not going to worry about using it long term. It has enabled me to HAVE a breastfeeding relationship with my LO. I love the thing.
  • @jbd04d - LO used to take about 15-20 mins but for the last couple of months is normally 7-10 mins. She "guzzles" a lot for the first few mins then slows down.
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  • Only 5 weeks in but don't plan on leaving the shield anytime soon. If weight is fine and baby is healthy I dont see there being a problem. I was concerned, asked pediatrician and she said "he's healthy so it's working, do what works" ;) I too have flat nipples. At the end of BF I see that they aren't flat anymore but it lasts for about 30 seconds. Pump helps but once that baby releases back to flat I am. Great job to you though, sounds like baby is doing very well!!
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  • We used the shield until about 10 weeks I think. But in a weird way, giving myself permission to do it long term (ie, not pushing weaning, being ok with possibly using it for 12 months) what ultimately helped us wean from it, because I was so much less stressed about weaning and not getting frustrated when my attempts failed.
    Very best of luck, it sounds like you are doing a great job for your LO :)


  • I agree - it was adding stress that I didn't need to try and wean from it. And my LO takes about 15-20 mins to eat and I feel very drained when he's done.
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