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Angry after afternoon nap...

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Re: Angry after afternoon nap...

  • This is Sam almost every day. Seriously. It's gotten worse since we've been trying to eliminate bottles in favor of the straw cup during the day. 

    But I agree with you - totally think it's that "nap hangover" feeling. The best I've been able to do is to give him some time alone (5-10 min) to wake up, then we rock a little or read a book, and snuggle. Then go downstairs and have a snack (making sure it's fruit or something he likes a lot). By then he's usually doing better. Not fun though!
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  • We are on vacation now and it really does screw up their sleep schedules! DD used to have a morning nap around 930 am but now she is staying up til 11-1130am and still fighting a nap. I think we may be transitioning to one nap soon but I still feel like its kind of early so I try to do two naps but bed time gets pushed way late. I have noticed though that now that she goes down at 8-9pm, she sleeps through the night so I'll take it! I am sure it will be all over the place when we get home but that always happens with vacations. 

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  • We have "nap hangover" sometimes too....usually, it happens when DD is hungry...once you give her some food, it seems to perk her back up and she's her happy-go-lucky self again


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