feeding triplets - 16 months but 13 age corrected

Hi ladies,

I am hoping for some advice on getting off baby food jars. Currently, my trio do fairly well on eating small portions of solids. We start every feeding by placing foods on their trays (such as pieces of veggies and fruits, bread, puffs, cereal, crackers). They happily eat these. We also give them a spoon and let them play around in the mashed foods we give them. I mash fresh fruits for them in the morning but my nanny just doesn't have time to prepare foods for them, so lunch consists of jarred foods and by the time DH and I get home from work, there is just not enough time to prepare our own meal for supper, so again their main source of food is jarred food.

Now, that we are off for 2 weeks, we have been trying to decrease the amount of jarred foods but our LOs are just not that interested in eating more solids. I am just wondering how should we be doing this transition? One LO seems to be doing pretty well on the new routine of eating what we are eating, the middle one is ok but my smallest who has eating issues due to severe acid reflux is just NOT interested and it take him a very long time to warm-up to new foods, so this transition is not going well for him. I am concerned he isn't eating enough. Thanks in advance - worried first time mom :)
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