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People who hire others

Just wondering, when you see University of Phoenix or a similar place, on a resume, how do you feel about it? Please tell me what industry, too. Thanks!

Re: People who hire others

  • I will be honest, I was skeptical but didn't rule it out. 

    I might've put someone at the bottom of the pile for using "THE Ohio State"...
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  • I think it totally depends on the field, but in mine (education), I know where an applicant went to school is a big consideration. Mainly because the curriculum and strenuousness differs a lot from college to college.
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  • I would think that your work experience trumps where you went to school, unless your just straight out of school.  Most employers just want to know that you  graduated from an accredited college with some experience. As long as you have transcripts and an actual diploma, it shouldn't really matter.  
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  • My SIL got a degree from the Univerisity of Phoenix in Business Administration and had no issues landing a job.  I would hope that for more completed majors that require on hand on training and/or internships, most would not opt for an online school.  
  • I work in insurance/finance. I would say we don't look too favorably on it. We'd vet the rest of the resume and the interview pretty carefully.



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