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I used to work out very regularly, since having kids I've always worked out, but don't really have much of a routine or schedule.  Now that they're 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 I want to tighten things up, both myself and my work out routine.  I'm going to plan a 1/2 marathon for the spring.  I can easily do 4 miles now, so it will take some training, but nothing outrageous.

I can get to the gym for about 40 min, and do about 10-15 min of abs and push ups at home.  If I aim for 4 gym days, do you think I should focus on running two days and weights 2 days or do shorter runs (20 min) 2 days and 20 min of elliptical the other 2 days with 20 min of weights everyday?

Any other tips for toning and tightening I'd appreciate.  I'm in decent shape, but I really want to get bikini ready.

Re: work out schedule/ getting started

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    I'd personally focus on running (or whatever cardio you like best) and crunches (if your aiming for bikini ready) at the gym (or do them at home, if you can as you said you can). Weights, eh, you are lifting your kids all the time (at least I tell myself that this makes up for reducing my weight-lifting routine)! Maybe just a few free weight routines (curls, etc) and/or pushups. I aim for 30 minutes cardio at least 4 times a week; if you're at the gym and doing crunches at home, I'd do 30minutes cardio each time at the gym plus stretching and free weights if you have time. I am NOT a trainer, though, just throwing out ideas! For me I see the most results from cardio so I am partial to it.
  • You'll need to figure out when and how you can get in a long run every week or every other week. As for gym time, I'd do three 30 minute runs with a few weights and one day a week with mostly weights and a little cardio to warm up. At home in the time you have I think you'd get the best workout from push-ups, plank, burpees, manual squats, wall sits, dips, and lunges.
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