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Refusing solids?

LO has always been a great eater until she recently had a cold and started to refuse solids. Now that shes better, shes still refusing. Any suggestions or thoughts?

Re: Refusing solids?

  • Have you looked to see if she's getting any new teeth? We tend to have a food strike when we are getting teeth
  • My LO has had several food strikes.  I think mine have been tied to teething, but I also found he stopped eating solids after I gave him eggs which he HATES!

    My suggestion is try distracting your LO.  We started giving DS spoons to hold and chew on and then we would see any gap that he made in his mouth and pop the food right in there.  Also, try going back to some food you LO really liked in the beginning.  We had to go back to sweet potatoes and then gradually add other foods back into his diet.

    Lastly, try not to get too upset about it.  I totally stressed about it when he went on the strikes.  Then I was reading something that said getting 3 bites in is plenty since LO gets the nutrients needed from formula or BM.

    Good luck!

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