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Napping Disaster

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I am mostly a lurker and have posted on the other boards a few times.  I am a mother of a 9 month old little boy who has been a great napper for the past 6 months.  Lately it has been very very difficult to get him down for a nap at least once a day.  He will kick and scream and throw a fit.  Today my husband and I decided to stick it out try to sooth him through his fit.  It ended in him being so upset he threw up.  He is exhausted.  He was tired and ready for a nap when we started.  I know he is tired and not hungry.  I have no idea what to do.  We don't really have a strict schedule because we love to go out and about everyday.  I don't want to miss out on our activities like kindermusik class, library programs, playdates and the children's museum.  He wasn't over tired.  I don't know.  My husband and I are very frustrated and concerned.  Any advice at all would be appreciated.  TIA
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Re: Napping Disaster

  • Maybe he's going through a wonder week or his teeth are bothering him? DD went through a bad patch of naps around 9 months, and some days I could only get her to go down for one, but is now back to going down easily for two long naps a day. We do, however, have a nap schedule we stick to everyday. I think a routine works well for our DD, and she knows what to expect. Not much advice for you, but hopefully it passes quickly.
  • Even though you love to go out and about every day I would try cutting back on the activities until the naps go back to normal.
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  • Maybe try to put him down a little while before you normally would.  It can get challenging to put down an overtired baby.  Sounds like you do a lot of activities during the day, which is nice but it might be overstimulating and tiring him out.  You may want to try doing less also.  
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