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Need help, I'm a wreck!

The pas couple months I've been feeling very lonely and depressed, I'm a SAHM of a 7 month old and feel I should be thankful to be in this situation, however I'm finding that I'm lonely, all my friends work and I'm having a hard time finding a moms group since their activities are at weird times. I get no time away from my son but my husband works and bowls and golfs, so of course that's adding to it, he does ask me if I want him to stay home but I don't want to be the wife that forbids him from going. I'm not sure if my hormones are still whacked out as none of this bothered me before, but i did work. Anyone else feel like this?

Re: Need help, I'm a wreck!

  • You might check to see if there's a local moms group or playgroup in your area.  Also, try taking your daughter to library story time.  That's usually a daytime thing so it will be mostly SAHMs and some care givers.  Does your local indoor mall have a little play area?  Sometimes there are a lot of mamas there.  Make sure to go during normal work hours, you need to get out during the day when other SAHMs are doing stuff out of the house.

    My husband and I raised nephews for several years before having kids of our own.  I also organize a 150+ member playgroup in my city.  You really need another SAHM or two as friends.  You go to each others homes and let the babys play together while you guys have coffee and chat.  As they get older the playdates evolve.

    My husband plays pool on Monday nights and has for about 13 years now.  I finally decided that I get Wednesday nights.  I don't even have to have plans.  I sometimes get together with other mamas for wine night or a cookie exchange or we meet at Applebees and sometimes I just go to Barnes & Noble and read magazines and have a coffee.
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  • I have joined two groups, just having problems with some of the meetup times, they are always during his morning nap, which I've been told to just go and let m nap in his car seat and the holidays have most things closed so that's some of it. I don't say much about week nights since my husband wakes up at 5:30am for work, but I have been contemplating line dance lessons at least once or twice a month on a wed night. I need to let him take him one night, I just haven't gotten there yet. It hasn't helped that every time I've planned something it gets cancelled due to sickness. I'm just tired of feeling like this.
  • You definitely need a day or evening to yourself when DH watches the baby and you go do whatever you want (even if that means just getting in some extra sleep).  DH and I are working on this constantly because my "free time" is usually reserved for cleaning or prganizing some area of the house which isn't total free time.  Now DH is trying to make the effort to give me one day or one evening a week when I can go do something out of the house by myself.  I'm a WM and DD is a complete joy but I still need a little me time.
  • I agree crequito I'm finding that even during naps instead of sitting down and having me time I'm cleaning, etc. my mother in law has offered to take him one day a week for a few hours so I am checking into yoga classes.
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