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How many times do you nurse- day?

How many times during the day do you nurse? 

At my 9 month pediatrician appointment the dr asked how often LO nurses? I said she is still nursing every 2 - 3 hours. She seemed surprised that it was still so often. I mostly do it on demand, and thats the amount of time she usually asks for it, but today I saw my friend who has a daughter 3 weeks younger than my DD, and she said she only nurses about 3 times per day. 

She said she offers solids first, then does breastfeeding, but I thought that seemed like such a small amount per day. 

Am I the only one feeding my daughter that often at 9 months old? How often do you nurse? 
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Re: How many times do you nurse- day?

  • Our DD is 9&1/2 moms and I nurse on demand. When I am at home I nurse when she wakes up bw 7 or 8 am then solid. Nurse again at 10 or 11 nurse to nap. Nurse again at 1 ish when she wakes then solid. Nurse again at 3 ish to nap. Nurse bw 4 to 5:30 pm when she wakes then solid.

    It's about 2 to 3 hours it seems.
  • Dd is 12.5 m and still nurses at least 5-6 times a day. I honestly don't listen to peds about bf. I listen to lactation consultants, Dr. Jack Newman, fellow moms who support full term to extended bf. Peds are not bf experts at all.
    I believe in following the baby/toddlers lead. There are days she just isn't that interested, so I let it be.

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  • I nurse before and after naps and bedtime, and other times when he is crabby for no apparent reason. So 6-8 times a day on average. Dr's are often very ignorant when it comes to breastfeeding, I wouldn't listen to their advice on this topic. This is my second time around though and I nursed DD for 17months so I have much more confidence this time around.
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  • I agree with PP. It seems like most pediatricians go off the guidelines from 20 years ago. The WHO recommends two years or more of breastfeeding so, by nine months, the frequency shouldn't be really low since there's a ways to go.
  • My almost 1 yr old nurses 3-5 times a day. I'm trying to get down to 2-3 but she's not taking much from her sippy yet.
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  • My 9 mo nurses every 2-3 hours also. The 2 days I work, she takes about 5 oz every 3 hours. When we're home together I think she does more snacking and then wants to nurse every 2 hours.

    I'd be concerned if she was only nursing 3x a day. My older girls were nursing more than that at 18 months.
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  • DD just turned 10 months.  Since I am staying home and babysitting for  a frined, I feel I need to get more scheduled.  I am going to feed her 5 times.  Prior to this, I bf on demand (which I loved!).  So far, DD has not expressed frustration to the change up.  I don't think there is anything wrong with on demand. Do what works best for you and yours.
  • My 9month old is fed on demand...which is pretty much every 2hrs on the dot, round the clock.  So, she is fed 12 times in a 24hr period. 


  • I would say about 6 times a day at least.  2 times at night and atleast 4 times during the day.  She will go 3-4 hours in between and I do solids at our meal times. 
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  • She has just gone down to 5 times a day. 2 during the night and 3 during the day. Pedi is floored that she still wakes during the night to nurse. I just don't even bother listening to her about feedings!
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  • My guy will be 9 months in a week and a half or so. I still nurse on demand and he nurses about 5-6 times a day and sometimes once overnight as well. We give him lunch and dinner each day. I am not in a hurry to wean, but I do work full-time so I plan to wean off the pump when he turns one and get him on solids and nursing only morning and/or night.


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  • DD is 10 months on the 14th. We nurse on demand. I have no intention of nudging her into any sort of feeding regiment or towards weaning until 2years as long as e are still BF. she nurses 10-12 times a day, overnight included. If a pedi tried to side eye me for that, I'd be interested in looking for another pedi.
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