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Low BBT and Ovulation

Hello, ladies, I'm new here; a little background info - I have a daughter who's 5. My husband and I have been TTC #2 for 14 months now. I was pregnant in May and July, but had miscarriages due to low progesterone. Dr. prescribed progesterone for after O, and this is my second cycle trying it. My ovulation is crazy and unpredictable, and this is the first time I've O'd since September. 

I was sick with a fever last week; FF thinks I o'd on Monday, but I think it was Wednesday, as my breasts always hurt immediately following O and Thursday, they did like clockwork. My temps have been strangely low and erratic, with two falling below my cover line. 

I was thinking I was out for the month b/c of the low temps and only BDing 2x within 4 days, but now I"m beginning to wonder. I'm estimating today to be about 9dpo. I started spotting yesterday, but it was gone this morning. Experienced a sharp pain in my uterus this evening - wondering if any of that is implantation or what. 

I'd love to post my chart, but I don't know how, lol, so help with that would be appreciated. Any of you ever have crazy temps but still ovulated (even if you didn't think you did) and/or gotten pregnant? 

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  • I have not been pregnant since I learned how to chart, so I don't have an answer for you, but good luck.
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  • I'm not a good chart stalker, especially if it's anything aside from normal, so I'm not much help. FX this is your cycle.

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    I can say that I have learned to mostly discount twinges, spotting, and phantom symptoms. Early signs are best left to be identified in retrospect. It reduces the heartache just a little. (Eta:grammar)
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  • annibes said:
    I can say that I have learned to mostly discount twinges, spotting, and phantom symptoms. Early signs are best left to be identified in retrospect. It reduces the heartache just a little. (Eta:grammar)
    I have to agree. 
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  • Welcome good luck


  • Well, firstly - I don't expect anyone to "celebrate" for me if this is (finally) the cycle that I conceive. I was only reaching out b/c I wondered if anyone had any experiences like this - in terms of below normal post O temps that resulted in pregnancy, whether successful or not.  I also wouldn't randomly post that I was pregnant from this cycle or any other, unless I were actively participating in this board for a period of time and while I understand your request, I think the overall message was slightly on the unkind side and made me feel like an outsider, when in reality, regardless of whether I've posted here before, this board (I thought) was supposed to be for all of us going through the same thing - infertility issues, not the "oh, I've been trying for 6 months and 'can't' get pregnant" stuff that I constantly hear from other people who have no real fertility problems, but  who are just impatient and expect to become pregnant right away. 

    Generally, I try not to over analyze symptoms, but I immediately figured this cycle was no good, until I came across another post from someone on another site (ironically) that had posted something similar. As for the sharp pain, I experienced that with my daughter and I recall it being very intense, so it made me question if it could be the same thing. 

    I've been around the community here, but I never knew this group existed. Sorry for imposing. 

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    Sorry if my post seemed stabby, but reading your "intro" at 9DPO and possibly having implantation cramping just seems so incredibly rude to me. If you even have the slightest hint you might be pregnant (I.E possible implantation cramps) why would you think now is a good time to jump into the IF board? Especially when there are 9 billion other boards relating to pregnancy and getting pregnant?

    Sorry girl, to answer your question, I charted for over 2 years, have had every symptom under the sun and like @annibes mentioned above, I was not pregnant for any of those cycles. 

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  • Um.....I decided to post here b/c I struggle with annovulatory cycles and low progesterone, which has caused repeated miscarriages for me this year;I posted here b/c I've been ttc for 14 months and have infertility issues trying for my second child, just like I did the first, and this happens to be a board for secondary infertility? B/c I don't figure my cycles are the same as someone who doesn't have fertility issues - mainly b/c they aren't the same?.And b/c I thought maybe someone here could have possibly experienced something similar to me and a could provide some insight? B/c I figured this would be the one safe place that I could talk to other people like myself that understand the struggle and not judge me. 

    My overall question was trying to see if any of you had stories or experiences that could relate to this, not to brag that I was in the 2ww. I am not even clear on whether or not I've ovulated b/c the last time I actually did was over 108 days ago; I am assuming, based on what little sense I can make out of my whacked temps, that I *should* be about 9dpo. I was originally figuring this was a no good cycle, but wondered if maybe there was a tiny spec of hope. Why would now be a good time to jump in? A better question is why not? Is there a certain protocol that I need to follow in order to warm up to a post of this nature? I may be new to this board, but I'm not some newbie, trying to get pregnant, not knowing the first thing about it, and bombarding you all with ignorant posts. 

    I thought posting here would make me feel less alone in my journey to become a mother again, but all it did was upset me, b/c I chose, mistakenly, to share a private struggle with people I don't know, under the assumption that b/c we all struggled alike, it would be well received. 

    I get that we all want a baby and that we are all struggling in different ways to achieve that; I also get that it's really difficult to deal with success stories of sudden BFPs from others, but there is no reason for any one of us to treat another person unkindly and make them feel as though they don't belong here; my fertility issues and the pain associated with that is just as real as anyone else's. 

  • annibes said:

    No one is discounting your struggle over the past 14 months. Sorry you have to be here.

    Anyway, what's done is done. Roll with it and jump in. If you get a BFP this month, it might be called a "driveby" but it's still a BFP and you'll have the satisfaction of leaving us here on 2IF and the thrill of being pregnant. If you don't, then you'll have learned the dynamic of the board and made a few Internet friends who might get a little of what you're going through.

    This is an amazingly supportive group of ladies. I can see where you felt like an outsider, but after so many months of BFNs, procedures, and random discussion, we really are a tight little group and there has been an influx lately of people with 2IF who manage to get BFPs like a day after they intro.

    Also, IF board (in general) etiquette seems to be not to post questions about signs/symptoms- those are usually directed toward 1st tri. As for your question about the whacky chart, I bet pregnant after infertility might have some answers because they've been through charting/pregnancy recently.

    I really think once you see what it's all about, you'll like it here. But of course, where you go on the Internet is your decision, not mine.

    At any rate, welcome.

    She really couldn't have said it better, lurk around the board and become familiar with our community and how we roll :-)
  • We definitely don't intend to alienate anyone, but it is hard for a lot of us to welcome new people and then they're gone in 7 days. I do hope you don't have to stay and can get that elusive bfp, but if not, welcome! This is an awesome group of ladies that can offer support to anyone who is willing to dole it out as well :)

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    BFFP Saw 1 beautiful heartbeat at 6w6d, follow up u/s at 9w showed mmc. Eff this.
    NTNP 5/2014-9/2014, OPKs and TI 10/2014 - 1/2015. 
    RPL testing all normal, AFC, AMH, and FSH all normal. 
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  • Lesson learned . We really are super supportive so just move on and keep us posted.

    Are you seeing a RE and are your cycles monitored?
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  • I am an avid charter (4 years combined experience) and have learned a couple things…  One is that if you are medicating your cycle, the numbers will be impacted.  If you are taking any kind hormones, your temp may or may not change and the chart that used to offer so much insight suddenly only poses questions.  If you already started the progesterone, your current temps are probably going to go up, but every now and then, you hear of someone who's temps went down.  Random!  Also, if you were sick and had a fever, FF will probably think you o'ed.  If you had a stuffy nose and were breathing with our mouth open that night, your temp might drop.  It's very annoying!  If you have been charting all 14 months, that you've been ttc #2, then you can probably trust your gut on your o date.  

    My current chart is a prime example of a WONKY chart!  I had intended to switch to charting vaginally this last cycle, but wanted a new bbt and didn't get one in time.  So, I continued charting orally.  But I have been sick, the weather has been super duper dry out and I have been mouth breathing and snoring like crazy (sexy, I know).  So, over the last week and a half, my temps have gone crazy!  But, I started tempting vaginally (not to record, just for mental notes) and I am sure I o'ed on the 19th.  I occasionally even temp during the day and know that a day time reading is usually in the mid-97's pre-o and mid-98's post o.  So, my chart does not show o, but I still think (and hope) I did.  

    Also, FF will take away your cross hairs if you keep charting and don't record a BFP.  It will reinterpret your info and move or remove them if you simple keep recording temps and all your other details.  

    Good luck.  This process is so hard, I know.
    Happily Mrs. C 
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    Started acupuncture while saving for IVF in Sept 2011
    Add herbal infusions to the mix in Dec 2011
    Hoping holistic approach works!!!

    BFP on April 2012 at 11dpo
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    Ready to start ttc #2 April 2013, but plan to be an extended BF'er
    Back on metformin Aug 2013
    Restart herbal infusions Sept 2013 - currently drinking nettle, oatstraw, and red raspberry leaf
    DS weaned in April 2014
    Taking a break from herbs and just riding the healthy train.  
    Planning medicated cycle end of summer.  FX I get KU before then!!!
  • No, I'm just working with my OB/GYN. She's a really great and supportive doctor. She's asked if I would like to try clomid, but I told her no. If I try anything, it will be Femara, but I'm stubborn and am not ready to try that yet. I was ovulating just fine (for the first time in my life) this year and conceived twice, but both pregnancies ended in miscarriage. My doctor had me do blood work before the second pregnancy ended and my progesterone level was a 1. I started taking progesterone, but it was already too late. I suddenly stopped ovulating around September. I originally got pregnant for my daughter, after not ovulating for over a year, by taking Fertility Blend herbal supplements. I did try that this go round and it was helping, but I stopped using it for a while. I'm back on it now, but currently taking a break for the 2ww when I have to take the progesterone instead.  

    GraceyandTroy - thank you so much! I very much appreciate your input! I originally assumed that my temps would go up, or at least do what they normally do in terms of getting higher after O and whatnot. Instead, though, they have been much lower and it's definitely confusing. At first, I thought I just didn't ovulate at all, which was a major bummer, b/c like I said, I haven't ovulated since before September. Can't get pregnant without ovulation, lol.  I would like to post my chart, but I don't know how - do you? 

    I took a look at your chart - I see what you mean; mine is kinda like that, but goes up and down, up and down; it sorta shows a shift, but it's totally screwed up, lol. It's been cold here consistently (I live in Louisiana), which is rare for us, lol, and I've wondered if that has affected it. It's never ever done this before and I can't help but think the progesterone may somehow be affecting it. You sound like me - I temp during the day sometimes, too. I also generally temp orally, but have tried it vaginally, as well, recently b/c the temps seem a bit more stable that way. 

    One thing I don't do is sleep with my mouth open, even when sick, lol - but I really laughed at your comment about it being sexy; I like your sense of humor! 

    After I put today's temp in, FF did take away my cross hairs. The charting can be so helpful, but right now , it's driving me slightly crazy, lol. I thought I o'd, then I thought I didn't, now I have no clue. The *only* thing that makes me think it happened despite the unstable temps is that my breasts always hurt after I ovulate, and it happens right away. Last week, on Thursday, they became tender and I knew I ovulated. My chart, however, did not agree. 

  • Hi OP.

    Welcome! I'm sorry you find yourself here. I agree 100% with everything @mrs Castillo said. We are a small and tight nit board but the ladies here have been having a hard time lately and the overall tone of the board is rather sad :(

    I'm a novice charter but I am finding my post loss cycles to be really wonky and in my expirence symptoms = AF.

    Anyway welcome and good luck.

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    October 2013 Timed Intercourse, Weekly Acupuncture, Herbs, and "warming foods" = BFP
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    November 2013 - Benched, waiting for first post-loss AF.
    No longer benched per New RE/OB!
    Jan. 15 2014 - BFP. HCG 3900 - Ectopic :( 
    Jan. 16 2014 Left tube removed and D&C
    March 2, 2014 First AF

  • Welcome and good luck! I'm new here too and have found this group super supportive.
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