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Have you picked out names?

Hey ladies I'm curious to hear if anyone has picked out names yet? We aren't going to find out the sex but think we have pretty much decided on names. Matthew James if it's a boy and Lelania Marie for a girl. We would call her Lainy for short. We really love that name even though it's a little out of the box (think reality bites w Winona Ryder) anyway what are you guys going with/what do you think?
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Re: Have you picked out names?

  • Yup! Jennifer-rose Aviana for a girl

    Maximilian ace for a boy.
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  • William or Christopher Kenneth for a boy and Kara Jean for a girl ( I WILL get DH on board with this name if its a girl, LOL).
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  • Boy: Benjamin Stephen.
    Girl: Sophia Maria.
    They are still up for discussion but these are the ones that have stuck so far!
  • Our current girl list is:

    Henry is in the lead. We haven't talked boy names as much and I find them way harder.

    DD swears it's a girl and has named her Beach Pond :)
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  • It's between Lilah and Norah for a girl. Undecided on a boy name, Henry is one we've both tossed around but I loathe the nickname Hank and I know relatives would use it.
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  • Kinsley Rose for a girl
    Mason Benjamin for a boy.
  • Boys: Isaac James, Nathaniel Martin

    Girls: Elizabeth Faith, Myra Elizabeth, Amelia Elizabeth (Elizabeth is a family name)
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  • Our top runners right now are:
    Sebastian Emerson & Arrietty Grace
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  • Names are a touchy subject in my house, primarily boy names so we'll wait and find out what the baby is first. But if it's a girl I really want Charlotte Barbara

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  • It's between Lilah and Norah for a girl. Undecided on a boy name, Henry is one we've both tossed around but I loathe the nickname Hank and I know relatives would use it.

    My youngest is Henry. No one calls him Hank because when I was pregnant and they asked if they could call him that, I stared them in the eyes and said "No" in a totally fierce voice :)

    We don't really have ideas for boys names yet, if we are having a girl, she will be Amelia Lee.
  • Girl: Abigail Virginia or Virginia Abigail. Not sure which way we like better.

    Boy: No idea

  • We like Stella for a girl and Finn for a boy. We'll probably have two of each ready though. We aren't finding out the sex.

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  • We passed the time while TTC by deciding:
    Boy- Xander Roland
    Girl- Miranda Nicole
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  • Tessa Claire and Jackson Nicholas or Logan/Carter Michael.
  • I'm not really giving it much thought until we know what we're having because I'll get too attached to one name and end up having the opposite sex. lol

  • Mason Alexander or Madelyn Grace

    So funny! We just discussed this tonight during out long car ride. It was the first real discussion we have been able to have about names.
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    Yep all picked out, two girl names and two boy names. They are all family names, grand parents and great grand parents.
  • For a girl, we like Georgia May or Charlie Joy. For a boy we like Henry Clark or Emmett...we don't have a middle name to go with Emmett just yet.
  • Yep, both family names or family inspired.
    If it is a boy it will have the same initials as DH and FIL so he would be Gage Alexander.
    If it is a girl, it will have a mix of my and DH's grandmother's names and she'll be Zofia Elizabeth.
    I do feel bad that her whole life she'll have to say, "Zofia with a Z". But I can't help his grandma was Polish! :)

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  • We won't know the sex til we give birth but for a 
    Girl: Pagge Rose Mae 
    Boy: Charlie Scott Lee
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  • Yes, all settled!

    Girl: Analyn Scarlett
    Boy: Wesley Sean
  • Yes and the MIL hates the boy's name... Too bad  :P

    Boy: Robert Drake

    Girl: Isabella Nicole

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  • We'll look more seriously once we know the sexes of the babies. Didn't really have names picked out before.
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  • At the moment, front runners are:

    Girl: Vivian Lucille or Daphne (mn tbd)
    Boy: Declan Isaiah or Wesley Isaiah

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  • Lyric Catherine girl
    Liam Robert boy
  • For a boy we like Parker and undecided if it's a girl!
  • Boy name is decided: James Martin (after our grandfathers)
    Current favorite girl name is Cassidy Paige

  • Boy will be Jensen River and girl will be Gemma with Forest as a likely MN.
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  • Boy will be Nolan Rodger (Nolan after my husbands gave baseball player - Nolan Ryan and Rodger after my grandpa)
    Girls name is a toss up. It will either be Alivia Kay, Kayla Erin, or Kaylin Erin (Kay is my mom's name - Erin is my middle name)
  • Our front-runner names (I reserve the right to change my mind) are:

    Simon Daniel
    Eliza Judith

    Both middle names are family names. 

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  • Salsera29 said:
    Boy name is decided: James Martin (after our grandfathers)
    Current favorite girl name is Cassidy Paige
    James Martin is my DH's grandfather's first & last name! LOL! It works well together! ;)
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  • For a girl Harper Ryan and for a boy Liam Patrick. Ryan and Patrick are for family members who have passed away. DH and I have loved Harper and Liam for years now, and frankly it's all that we have agreed on. So I guess it's just meant to be :)
  • Not even close.

    We anticipate a lot of disagreement so this is DH's proposed system.

    We each individually work on a list of 15 girl and 15 boy names. Then we compare lists. Any matches get moved on to the "second round". We also each pick 5 names from the other list to move on.
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  • For a boy we decided on Armani Giorgio, we've talked about girls but the DH is sure he is having a boy :-/
  • Girl: Avery, Lucy, or Hannah

    Boy: Oliver, Jude, or Henry

    Realistically we'll have huge lists and it'll take a day or so to name this kid. We're team green and I feel like I should see my child and spend time with them before giving a name.

  • We picked Carter Gregg for a boy (Gregg is my dad's name and also a family name). That's set in stone.

    For a girl, either Gianna (my pick) or Amelia (DH's pick) Grace. I have no idea how we'll end up deciding. I loathe the nickname Gigi so that might keep me from pushing for Gianna.
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