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31 Weeker Twins

Well I decided it was time to join the community ! So I offically became a member of the bump! 

So anyway, on August 3, 2013, I delivered Identical Twin Girls at 31 weeks due to severe preeclampsia that had almost turned into elclampsia. I eas so sick for days after my c-section. Felicity and Genevieve were born weighing 3lbs 11oz each. Today, we had a weight check appt and they weighed 10.15lbs (Evie) and 10.9lbs (Lissie) at 4 months old! They are doing well for their adjusted age of 2 months!

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Re: 31 Weeker Twins

  • Congratulations!! Welcome :)

    I also had my daughter on 8/3 due to pre-e and HELLP syndrome. She was born weighing 2lb 3oz at 29w6d. Her weight check today had her at 10-5!

    How long were you in the NICU?
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    Welcome! I also had my DD at 31 weeks due to HELLP and she weighed 3lbs 11oz! Glad to hear your girls are doing so well :-). Edited for typo

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  • 4 weeks! Still 4 weeks before due date!

  • Congrats on your girls!
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  • Congratulations on your girls.

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