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The changing table nightmare.

I'm so happy DS is active but getting him to sit still for a diaper change is a nightmare! Anyone else have this issue? He just rolls and rolls. I've tried giving him a distraction (letting him hold the wipes, a toy...) and it works about 50% of the time.

Re: The changing table nightmare.

  • Yeah it doesn't work for us anymore either. I would change her on the floor but we have dogs who like diapers (eww).
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  • I can't even imagine trying to get DS to stay on a changing table. He rolls over and takes off every chance he gets when I'm changing him on the floor, which actually allows me to pin one of his legs between mine when he's being particularly difficult to wrangle him into a diaper. And heaven forbid I try to put clothes on the kid. He'd much rather be naked and freezing, apparently.
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  • Yes! It's like all of a sudden they NEED to go crazy for a diaper change wth?! So nuts.
  • The changing table used to be an oasis for DS.  When he was really little and fussing, we'd put him there and he'd mellow out.  Not anymore.  He wiggles every which way. tries to crawl off the table when sitting up.  Ugh.

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  • Exactly like DS. He throws a huge fit when diaper is put on, even clothes! I lay him on the floor and hold his arms down with my feet. Haha gets the job done
  • Yep, same story here. DD gets super cranky the minute we start to lay her down and starts rolling immediately and trying to reach behind her. Giving her a toy or something random will distract her most if the time and at least keep her from throwing a fit, but she's still a wiggle worm. She's the same way on the floor, we can't win.
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  • Jake is usually good for diaper changes, but lately he has two leg positions: curled so he can stick a foot in his mouth or stiff-legged, both of which make changing difficult. Sometimes if I tickle his belly, he relaxes just long enough for me to secure his diaper, but it doesn't always work out that way. It's especially frustrating when I'm trying to get that final diaper change just before leaving to get to daycare on time.

  • Pinkie78 said:

    Our son generally lays still when on the table. However he rolls everywhere if we change him on the floor. We don't change him on the floor at home because of our 2 crazy dogs who would be sniffing and licking everything.

    This exactly except we still change on the floor because it's just easier to do most of the time (instead of running upstairs to his room to change him)...we also don't have dogs. We don't have an issue with changing on the change table. It's the floor that is becoming a problem. Boo.

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  • We got a baby straight jacket - ok so not a real one but it is a little vest dealie that velcros to the changing pad.  Works like a charm!
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