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Memorial OB/GYN...Memorial Hermann or Texas Womens?

I have been reading this board since we found out...7 weeks ago!

need some help, as our insurance has changed we are looking for an ob/gyn, female Dr., in the memorial area..any recs?

We tried a few at the Great Houston OB/GYN but they are booked till mid jan and we need to see a Dr asap

Any recs?

Also, Memorial vs Texas Womens...are we in good hands in either or is there a preferred Bump Hospital?

Thanks in advance for he help and info

Re: Memorial OB/GYN...Memorial Hermann or Texas Womens?

  • To clarify, memorial hermann memorial city, womens/

  • Texas women's is awesome. Have you looked at OGA? They have great doctors and exclusively deliver at women's. Good luck!
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    I know of someone who delivered at Texas Women's some time last year... I think around the spring time, so not even a year ago yet. A couple of days after delivering, she called up there to complain of some aches and symptoms she was having. After the second or third call over the next couple of days, the nurses started being rude with her and telling her that's just how it is right after you first have a baby. Within the next day or two she had to be hospitalized because of infection, and it turned out she got flesh-eating bacteria from her episiotomy. She died in the ambulance on the way to being transferred to another hospital.

    Now, this is just one case, but that turned me off completely to that hospital. My MIL told me something else traumatic that happened more recently, but I can't recall the details. I will never consider using them.
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  • I delivered my 13 year old daughter at Texas Women's Hospital and delivered my one month old at Memorial Hermann Memorial City.  While it has been a while since I was at Texas Women's, I don't recall anything particularly good or bad about it.  It is difficult to get to from the Memorial area, which is why I chose to deliver at Memorial Hermann Memorial City.  The labor and delivery team were outstanding. Also, I would HIGHLY recommend my doctor, Dr. Erica Roberts.  She is currently out on maternity leave until the end of February.  Dr. Tejml is seeing her patients - she is also great.  They are at Advanced OB/GYN located in the building next to Memorial Hermann.
  • I have delivered both of my kids at Memorial Hermann in the Med Center and loved it! I've never had a problem there both experiences were great. My mom had surgery at TX Women's and I was not so impressed with nursing staff. I'm in the healthcare industry and know how things should work. Nurses were rude and inconsiderate. I'm not sure if this was just one instance. I have heard good things about them but from my personal experience with my mom I will not deliver there.

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  • I live in the memorial area. I don't know much about Memorial Herman Memorial City's L&D (not since my niece was delivered there 14 years ago) but I had my son at Woman's Hospital of Texas and I'm going to have my daughter here too.

    PP is right, this hospital is NOT easy to get to from where you live and if you have an emergency you will need someone to drive you there, which can be a pain, particularly in traffic-when I had my son at Woman's I actually lived in the heights and it was an easier trip. My first pregnancy was normal and I had a decent experience with the hospital and very good experience with my OBGYN (Dr. Beard w/ Complete Woman's Care). She is the reason I initially stayed where I was despite the commute

    This pregnancy is high risk and I had to navigate Houston Perinatal Associates. HPA is the only high risk practice that Complete Woman's care refers people to and as far as I can tell they are the only MFMs at Woman's Hospital. While I like my doctor, I was very nervous about transferring my care there (I don't like the staff that much and I saw a different doctor than the one I have now - the entire situation made me more rather than less nervous). As a result I did look into other hospitals but then I landed with Dr. Kirshon at HPA and I like him so I decided to stick it out.

    I am actually glad I did because I've now been stuck in Woman's hospital on hospital bed rest for exactly 2 weeks and the fact that the hospital is new and has amenities that before made me roll my eyes (spa and massage services, free wifi, the ante partum floor has 2 laptops they can lend out if you don't have one yourself, free parking to the spouse if you end up on bed rest), are actually making my stay bearable.

    On the more practical side they have a level 3 NICU that they can put you close to if your baby ends up there (no long walks post partum). I suspect if there is a suspicion that you will need the higher level NICU services you will have an opportunity to change to a different hospital or different OBGYN but it's nice to know it's available up front.

    Honestly, though, if I wasn't here I would probably look at Woman's Specialist of Houston which delivers at the Woman's Pavilion of Texas Children's. This way if your baby has problems after birth your baby will go right into the place that cares for all high level problems.

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