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1yr molars.

DS will be 10m next Sunday. We had him at the drs yesterday because he's starting to get a cough and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to get worse. His lungs are clear and his oxygen is 100. No fever. And told use to just keep a close eye on him. But the nurse prac said he's getting his 1yr molars!!!!! He's growing up way to fast for me. Anyone else's LO getting their molars?
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Re: 1yr molars.

  • Blondie1212Blondie1212 member
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    DS is definitely teething again. Not sure if it's molars or not. While we were at the 9m appointment the np said by the way he was chewing on his toy she was convinced that he was getting them but he had no buds.
  • Omg I thought molars came when they were like, 2. Too fast!
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  • I thought we had more time than this. Apparently not lol. He has 7 teeth already 4 top 3 bottom and teething was a breeZe. Knock on wood. These molars are just not his thing poor kid.
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  • Yep. They're not cut yet, but he's got his top and bottom 4, so these are next. He's been chewing on his fingers in the back of his mouth for weeks and the nurse at his 9 month appt said they're swollen. Who knows when we'll get them. They'll be a year soon! Can't believe it...

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  • We still have NO teeth here.
  • kupolaf86 said:

    We still have NO teeth here.

    Still in the gummy smile club as well!! Drools like a leaky faucet though ! Still waiting...
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