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Hi all!  I should probably introduce myself since I am a lurker on this board.  I am around 10 weeks pregnant with my second.  I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter who was born via c-section.  I was induced for signs of pre-e/low platelets at 40 weeks.  She was failure to descend and was 7 lbs.  I am a fairly average size to tall and thin.  We could see her head, but she would not budge after 4 hours of pushing, med-free. Unfortunately, my water broke very early on its own as part of the induction which I have read makes a baby harder to turn.  My daughter was sunny side up in some sort of wacky position obviously.   I switched doctors and hospitals to VBAC this time.  Despite switching to a practice that does do VBAC's (they are very few) my doctor has sat me down and talked honestly with me and is not too hopeful because of how long I pushed with a small baby and the complications I had possibly reoccurring.  He basically said he didn't want to give me false hope, but okayed giving it a go.  I'm going to try: thinking I may see a chiropractor this time.  I'm definitely watching these boards for success stories for other failure to descend mammas.  I do know all women in my family have this problem, but I am the first to need a c-section because they no longer use forceps in my area.  However, I am also a little smaller than some of the other women in my family.  Anyway, hi!

P.S.  Iris, I know you are the moderator here and also were a failure to descend and are on my birth month board so I'm hoping I can follow in your footsteps!

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Re: Intro: hopeful, but realistic

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    Hi, and welcome! I pushed for 4+ hours w my first, also. He was just over 8lbs. He was posterior and in a weird position as well

    I had a successful VBAC w my second son, and he was significantly larger, but was in an ideal position. I was never given a hard time w my plans to VBAC, my MW had more faith in it than I did, quite honestly.

    I had regular chiropractic visits and massages with my second, and I made a point to stay more active and aware of my posture.

    I also stayed home as long as possible during labor, which I think really made a difference, bc I stayed upright and active for a long time. Consider refusing sizing u/s if they are already worried about your chances, and maybe think about looking around for other providers, or a doula, if those are possibilities.

    Good luck, plenty of women w FTP/FTD have gone on to have VBACs!
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    I wouldn't worry about failure to descend, especially if you know the baby was in a bad position. For example, my SIL just had her second, first baby was sunny side up, she pushed for hours, and the baby came out with the help of forceps. She just had a second baby, he came out on the first push. To be honest, your doctor doesn't sound truly supportive to me, good luck with your vbac plans. And for what it's worth, DS was sunny side up, and didn't turn until I was about to push. I pushed for less than 10 minutes too.
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