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somewhat new here :0)

I have been creeping around on various boards on this site over the last few weeks and posted a handful of times here and there. I keep coming back to this one and have read a lot of helpful posts. Figured an introduction was in order since I have seen so many other moms introducing themselves. My name is kelli. I am a first time mother to a 10 week old boy. & I suppose you could call me an "attached" parent. I've just been doing what comes naturally as far as this mommy thing goes. Kind of learning along the way. I dont have many friends with kids and not many people to talk to about parenting. Im in need of a support system. At this point, I will probably have a lot of questions and not many answers, but will throw my 2 cents in if I feel I can help anyone.

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Re: somewhat new here :0)

  • Welcome! The AP board is very supportive and encouraging. :)

    Have you considered going to a La Leche League meeting? That would be a great way to meet other new moms, many of whom choose to parent gently/instinctively. If nothing else, you would find great support from the leaders.

    You could also check to see if there is a chapter of Attachment Parenting International near you. The chapter near me has mostly parents of school-aged children, so I gravitate more toward LLL, where the mothers' experiences are relevant to and even mirror my own.

    Congratulations on your new little boy!
  • thanks! thats a great suggestion. i've actually been researching different groups to get involved with and recently found that LLL meets monthly, very close to me. definitely thinking about going to a meeting.

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