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Baby Nurse or Postpartum Doula

I live in Broward county and will be expecting my first via c-section in April. Several friends have suggested getting a baby nurse the first week - does anyone have any experiences with a bay nurse or recommendations? Thank you ladies!

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  • If you don't have any family members close by, I would defintely say you should invest in a baby nurse. My MIL acted like mine and it was a life saver. I have a friend who is a postpartum doula. They are there to take care of the mom, mostly. You forget to eat and drink water because you are so busy and that person is there to make sure you can do those things. 

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  • I used a baby nurse after my C-section. We don't have our families near by, so they couldn't help and also we don't have any experience with babies and I wanted the nurse to teach me all necessary skills. I highly recommend it. It's not cheap but worth every penny, especially for the 1st week. Email me for the contact info for the people I used, if you need contacts. Good Luck!
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