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"Morning" Sickness

I was sick all day everyday with my first so when I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago I was soooo hoping this one would be different. Well it's not been so far! I am absolutely miserable! It's been almost 10 years since my last pregnancy and I can't remember what, if anything helped to relieve my sickness before...if there's anything specific that helped you please pass along the info! Thanks in advance...

Re: "Morning" Sickness

  • I ate a lot of pepper mints. It was the only thing that helped me.

    Hope you feel better & congrats on pregnancy! 
  • Thank you and I will def try that!
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  • ginger gum! can be found at cvs and zofran
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  • First thing in the morning DH would bring me a glass of milk before I even sat up.  I can't eat when I'm nauseous, it just makes me feel worse but I can sip liquids.  I ate a ton of fruit and drank cold fruit smoothies all the time.  Ginger ale worked also.  I can't stand crackers so I didn't go the saltines route but I've heard that works for some.  And I found that if I let myself get hungry then I would get nauseous so try to snack throughout the day or at least don't let your stomach get completely empty.
  • As Crequito said, the only things that made a difference for me was not letting my stomach get empty.  If I kept myself in a not full, but not hungry, state I would do okay.  Staying where it was cool and avoiding temperature changes also made a big difference for me, not so easy to do in a Texas summer, unfortunately!
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