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Homemade baby food menu help

So I am finding that I am overwhelmed when planning a menu and figuring out how much fruit and veggies I need to make baby food, we are moving into doing some combos, adding some new foods and also adding a dinner meal in a couple weeks. How do you simplify? Or how do you figure out amounts, etc? I'm trying to streamline, is it easier to go week to week? Any helpful suggestions are appreciated!

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  • We just purée a bunch of stuff such as sweet potatoes, chicken, apple sauce, freeze them in ice cube trays and then I choose what he has based on what I feel like giving him.

    Breakfast is usually cereal w/fruit, lunch is chick peas with chicken or sweet potato. I only ever feed him solids 2x a day most days .

    It's really nothing to stress over as food isn't their main source of nutrition until later. BM or Formula is still #1.
  • Like Lisa said, I wouldn't stress.  The name of the game right now is exposure.  Give a good selection of fruits, veggies, meats, yogurt, cheese, etc between now and a year so that when it's time for solids to be their primary source of nutrition, you've got a good list of things to choose from for each meal.
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  • We only did one meal a day for the first couple months so it wasn't a big deal. The easiest thing s jus to give some of whatever you are eating. I usually just used a stick blender to purée some of our dinner. We moved into table foods pretty quickly as well. For me it just doesn't make sense to make special different food for the baby when he can just have some of what we are eating.i do keep some pouches on hand n case we eat late or he can't have what we are eating or something.


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  • Thanks ladies!
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