take a guess on who they are!! — The Bump

take a guess on who they are!!

-the quote in your siggy creeps me out

-Two years from now, I don't think you will be married to your DH

Such a drama queen/worry wart

Stop F'ing complaining so much.

And 3 is enough for you.

-how the hell do you buy all the stuff you buy when less than a year ago you were broke?

-your constant posting about nothing bugs the shit out of me

I have to read your posts twice to even comprehend what you're trying to say.

-Need attention much?

The IUD is cheaper then a baby

You use WAY too many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

Good God, that poor kid.  In reference to the same Nestie, wow, your left field is way out there & bat shit crazy (and the surpise is its not DISNEY!!)

They don't come any cornier.

  - exagerate much?

 - the sky is falling, the sky is falling

Can you just put all your complaints in one post and be done for the day?

- Do you not get any attention from people in real life?

I thought you were nice and funny, and it made me sad to realize that you really AREN'T very nice.  The way you treat (select) others on here is shameful. Sad

You aren't as smart as you seem to think you are.  Your IQ score is really NOT that impressive--I've got you beat by a solid 15 points.  Ugh!

-material things take the place of peace/happiness in life.

-there is never a happy post. alawys complianing.

-if you were truly at peace w/ being a SAHM, so much defensiveness would not be needed.

I don't believe anything that comes out of your mouth. Err, fingers.

I don't see this nestie on daily, but when she is I hate reading her replies she is always such a sour p*ss.

Your kid's haircut looks like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber.

 If you're so freaking unhappy with your life, and everything else in the world, that you can't stop complaining for 5 minutes, then why on earth would you want to bring another child into it?

 You are an idiot and racist.  Your political views make my head hurt. 

-I can totally understand why other people on here don't like you.

-Judging other people for stupid stuff that is none of your business just proves that you are a total loser.

I like you and think you are nice, but I don't think you are as funny or witty as you think you are. 

your low self esteem makes me sad, and I think your DH may be a huge contributing factor.

Constantly being snarky to others and having a few snarky friends does not make you cool.  It makes you mean.
You are not the first person to have more than one kid. Deal.
You think you're super cute, but you're so not.  Not even a little bit.

-Drama queen.  And you're kid is going to grow up to be a brat.

-You should be working not nesting!  I can't believe you haven't been fired yet.

holds herself way too high

Just b/c you take a poll that somehow relates to money/outward appearnace/possessions, does not mean you have to actually reply within the post so that all can truly understand how great you think you are. 

 You are a bitter old hag who is obviously unhappy with life. Get help. And stop posting on here.

Someone still has major popularity and self-esteem issues from high school or early childhood.

Your DH is a drunk. And yours has meth teeth.

-you seem to think you're really gorgeous but you are sooo homely. Like beaten with ugly stick and left for dead.

-you have it soooo easy yet you complain all the time. Not sure how your DH puts up with you.

-your DH looks like a game show host from the 80s.

-your spelling and grammar is so bad, I never read your posts.

I have to restrain myself regularly from responding to your posts with "OMG, this is the trashiest thing I have ever read."

I don't mind occasional BOTB type posts on here and I'm sure I have made some myself, but we don't need to know every detail of your pregnancy. 

Last I knew, you were NOT a psychiatrist. 

Flaunting all of the expensive things that you purchase for yourself is tacky. I don't begrudge you at all for being able to have nice things, after all, don't we all like little (and sometimes not so little) luxuries in life? But really, you don't have to post about every single thing you buy or are contemplating buying.

Your kids are not the beauty queens you think they are.  They're cute, but no more so than the average little girl.

you define hillbilly

your husband has the outward appearance of a molester

your political views make me uncomfortable

you are downright beautiful

you are inspirational and impressive

you are a genuinely great person who I would like to eat lunch with regularly

you look like you have an odor problem in your home

you have more drama in your life than I am wont to believe is possible. Therefore I think most of what you post is bs.

you are so not that witty

you are desperate for acceptance and it shows in your internet message board posts

your husband has a gross looking mouth area

You said you were broke.  Dirt poor.  Yet you post about buying all HannaAndersson (sp??) and J&J clothing, organic x, y, z, ...  methinks there's a reason you're broke.  Duh.  (this is actually about 2 people)


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