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So, I'm 13 weeks pg with baby #2. I have a 2.5 yr old boy. I didn't buy any maternity clothes for my pregnancy with him because there was nothing small enough at any of the stores around here. Seriously, none of the stores carried XS in anything. I was able to make do with a belly band over my shorts (he was born late Aug) and wore most of my normal tops. Only problem with that was that some of the t-shirts an tanks got stretched. I could never wear the maternity pants/shorts because there's just way too much extra fabric in the butt/thigh area.

I have only gained 1.5# so far with this one and it's all in my boobs (sadly- I HATE that my boobs get bigger. I like my tiny 32a's!)

Anyhow- I know there must be other fit, small women out there- where did you buy maternity clothes? Ones that actually fit smaller-sized women, and don't look like shapeless tents?
I'm 5'6" and was 117 at my appt today.


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Re: Maternity Clothes

  • I like maternity clothes from They are true to size (not vanity), and carry US sizes 0s and 2s. They have so much cute stuff, and free shipping both ways. The only downside is that express shipping doesn't seem to work very well in the US (it's a UK company), but most shipments arrive within a week. I find that Gap and old navy run a bit big, so if you're normally their size 0, you will find their maternity stuff too large. And they stretch a lot.
  • Yes- Gap and Pea in the Pod are the only places I could find tops small enough!!! Although Pea in the Pod is expensive, I wore those tops non stop.
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  • @hannahhyejee Really? Asos ran big for me. In their maternity clothes, I had to buy a size smaller than I normally wear. But I love how cheap and cute they are.
  • I also loved my old navy maternity tops because I could fit the xs unlike other places that only go down to size s. Pants were another issue. I wore my American eagle jeans for as long as I could because I really disliked how maternity pants fit. AE jeans are cut low in the front and stayed under my belly for most of my pregnancy. I had to break down in my 3rd trimester & bought some pants from old navy. I didn't love them but they were the best I could find. Online was the only place I could find what I was looking for. Not sure how H&M fits but they have a maternity section online. You might want to check it out. Just curious what you did about a nursing bra because I have never been big enough to fit them even once I started nursing. Have you found a smaller option?
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  • @colleendd- for nursing bras the first time around I just bought a few from Target, but ended up mostly wearing the nursing tanks. So much easier/more comfortable in those!

    Mommy to R (8.23.11) and K (6.21.14).

  • @hannahhyejee Really? Asos ran big for me. In their maternity clothes, I had to buy a size smaller than I normally wear. But I love how cheap and cute they are.

    Don't know. I think it depends on what brand you get since they have so many brands and styles, but for me they ran true to size for the most part. I ordered their us size 2 or 4, and sometimes 2 was bigger than 4 if they were from different brands but they were definitely smaller than Gap maternity size 0 or 2.
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