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Grrr, I'm getting tired of this

I have a gluten intolerance (not celiac) so though I eat GF I can sometimes eat foods that are not GF and when I eat too much gluten the only one I really affect is myself.  Now, ds2 reacts to milk, soy, apples and pears.....He can tolerate eating small amounts of soy per day....but I try to eat soy free as much as possible.  I refuse to cheat and eat the things that ds2 reacts the strongest to since it affects more than just me and ds doesn't have any say in if he's willing to feel bad - not like I do when I cheat on my GF diet.  (and listening to him cry in pain/get sick or rashy is not worth it to me)

The part I'm getting tired of is being told -- there's so little XXX in this, you can eat it since the little bit in here won't bother him.  You'd think I'd be used to it by now from family members' responses to my GF diet, but this response to me refusing things that will affect ds2 is really grating on me.  Maybe, it bothers me more because it causes him to cry and the response to his crying is to feed him more as if hunger is the ONLY thing that causes a baby to cry.  Maybe it bothers me because the one telling me that uses him being extra fussy/crying in reaction as an opportunity to comment negatively on my parenting (i.e. I have ds2 too attached to me.)  I'm just soooo glad that dh backs me on breastfeeding and avoiding the things that ds2 can't tolerate and parenting.  He's even willing to play the "bastard" role and tell off my parents if ever I ask him to.

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