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sleep issues what would u do?

OK so I am at my wits end here.
I can count on one hand the number of times my almost 2.5year old has slept through the night.
I refuse to sleep train in the traditional sense of CIO. I am ok with co-sleeping, I am ok with him waking up and coming to our bed.

So here is the problem he will not fall asleep. We get him ready for bed read a couple books turn out the latest then starts the "i'm hungry" or "i want to go outside the door"
By the time he gets to sleep it often past on nine

Then the night time waking starts anywhere from 12-4. And that usually takes 1-2 hrs in its own right. And we are up by no later then 7

Pediatrician recommended melatonin to help him get to bed. That usually shaves about 10-15 minutes of the falling asleep part.

I am worried about his well being and what is left of my own and my husband's sanity

At this point what would u do.
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Re: sleep issues what would u do?

  • Is he still napping during the day? I know this sounds insane but DS sleeps horribly if he hasn't had a day nap. When he gets a good day nap, he'll sleep 12-13 hours straight at night.
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  • Or if he is still napping, try cutting that out or cutting it back. I don't have much advice, we did CIO.

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  • No advice as we are going through the same thing. Its like he can't settle down to fall asleep. Then he wakes in the middle of the night and again can't settle himself back down. I'm 7 months pregnant and people keep asking me if I am ready for no sleep. Ha! I haven't had a good nights sleep in almost 2 1/2 years!
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  • He does sleep during the day anywhere from 1-2.5 hrs. He isn't consistent. But naps don't seem to help settle him
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  • Ladies thanks for the replies... Maybevby 3 he will sleep. took 2 hrs to get him asleep today. @kdel09, I have been offering snacks before bed, sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Good luck to u with baby number 2.
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  • Honestly CIO works wonders. I was never a fan but when my DS1 was hmm around 10 months he went through a sleep regression and I caved and used it. Took maybe 2 nights and we never had a problem after that.

    Does he maybe need more activity during the day? No nap? How routine is his bedtime? Kids thrive on routines.

    I would stop getting him in the middle of the night. Maybe go in once at first and say that it is bedtime and that you love him and he is OK and then do not go in again. They get it really quick. It may seem mean at first but at this age they like to test what they can get away with! GL!

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  • We have the same problems! No solution. Hoping someone will post something lifechanging
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