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Question for those in Australia...

I have a Medela breast pump that I bought and used in the States with my daughter.  We now live in Oz and I am due any day with our second baby and wonder if anyone has had success using a US breast pump here?  Do you just use it with a transformer?  Or should I plan to purchase a new breast pump here?


Re: Question for those in Australia...

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    I'm In o z but bought the pump here. I would call medela and ask them. I also found the staff at stores like my baby warehouse and baby bunting super knowledgeable!

    Welcome to OZ! What part are you in?
  • Thanks!  Yea, I called Medela and they werent that helpful.  They suggested taking the pump to an electrician to get their advice before attempting to use it.  That is probably not going to happen between now and when I deliver!  I may just give it a go on a transformer and see what happens.

    I am in Sydney, and have been here for 6 months.  We are loving it!  Where are you?
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  • you just need to know if it's dual voltage

    if it's dual voltage then you only need an adapter, if not you need a converter

    I bought a video baby monitor from amazon in the US and checked with the company, it is dual voltage so I only use an adapter (p.s. I'm in Sydney too :)



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