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Milk Substitutes for 14 mo old

DD is allergic to milk protein with her primary symptom being eczema.  She seems to be okay with cheese and yogurt. SO far we've tried several different substitutes including goat milk, almond milk, soy, rice, coconut and oat milk. She's not a fan of any of it, so we've just been sticking with the Nutrimagen for drinking milk. Any suggestions???  I have given her orange juice with calcium and vitamin D added but I don't want to give her too much juice.  I hate to drop the "milk" entirely because it seems really comforting to her before sleep and right when she wakes up in the morning!


Re: Milk Substitutes for 14 mo old

  • Have you tried mixing the other milk substitutes with formula? Put a little milk in with the formula for a few days, then slowly add more milk and less formula until she adjusts to the new taste. 
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  • yes.  Maybe we should just take 6 weeks and do it really slow? She hasn't liked anything in a 1/4 ratio! She eats everything except plain bananas so not drinking milk subs is just weird.  I mean, she eats arugula straight from the garden, beans, fruits, veggies, black pepper snap pea crisps... its amazing. 
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  • When we went off formula and onto almond milk, we took a few weeks and slowly mixed it with her formula.  She was on 6 ounce bottles, and the formula mixed by two ounces...initially it was 2ounces milk to four ounces formula and we moved up from there.  We ended up going with the vanilla flavored Almond milk because she liked that better.  She still drinks it and loves it!  That said, neither myself nor any of my siblings would drink milk after weaning.  We grew up eating lots of yogurt, cheese and ice cream (my dad liked it, mom put up with it because we got calcium).  None of us ever had any problems due to lack of milk.  You can also get calcium and vit. D from lots of veggies and it sounds like she likes those.  HTH!

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