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Can I hang out over here with you all? (Update)

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I'm technically here a little early ... My world has crumbled in less than a week when on Monday our son Jack was diagnosed with Dandy Walker at our 19week scan. He also was labeled IUGR at 2 weeks behind. We decided to get as much information about this syndrome before making any decisions although they advised to terminate. We had an amnio and were happy when the FISH came back normal but were still waiting for the micro array even now to come back. We made a second opinion appt. on Thursday and to my surprise I was admitted to the hospital that night for possible preeclampsia. Once I got admitted it was confirmed which has everyone stumped as to why and how I'd have it at 19 weeks. Anywho, I've been in this room since Thursday and as of today my bp isn't going down and my bloodwork/urine is getting worse. The doctors had a serious talk with DH and I and we decided we don't have any choice but to terminate our pregnancy since our Jack isn't given much of a chance of survival with me in this condition regardless of his diagnosis which only makes things worse for him. I'm honestly not even sure how I'm supposed to deal/cope with this. It took us a long time to get pregnant and I'd have thought I went through enough, apparently not. Anywho sorry for the novel , can I join this board with you ladies please??

The doctors started the process for the D&E on Sunday night but my body went into labor instead. Jack was born Monday and I had to have a D&C shortly after to remove the placenta. Probably the most pain mental and physical in my life. I was released yesterday Xmas eve only to find myself back in the ER again tonight with spiking bp. They think its under control and for once its actually dropping. Some freakin' Christmas. I can't even mourn because I'm constantly being poked and proded. Hopefully this part of the nightmare will be over soon. We also came home yesterday to find two relatives bought us gliders for Xmas and were both on our porch. Commence breakdown .
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Jack has handpicked his sibling up there :)

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Re: Can I hang out over here with you all? (Update)

  • I am so very sorry that you have to go through this now. the ladies on this board are very very wonderful and they will welcome you with open arms. don't ever be afraid to cry or to be angry or to express what you're feeling, you have every right to feel how you feel may God bless you and your husband during this difficult time.((hugs))
  • I am so sorry sweetie. I have lost two babies during the latter part of 2nd tri. Most daughter whom I lost this past October at 27 weeks was determined that I developed early onset PreE that was very severe. Yes it is very rare for women to get PreE as early as you did. I am so sorry that you and your DH had to make that decision. ((((Hugs)))

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    So very sorry to hear of the decision facing you. Please know that you can use us for support any time you need it. Lots of T&Ps as you face the coming weeks. 
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    I am so sorry you are dealing with this and have to face such a tough decision. This board has been a huge source of support and comfort for me, and I hope we can be the same for you. **HUGS**

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  • So very sorry you are going thru this and the loss of your sweet baby boy Jack.  We are all here for you whenever you need us. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. 

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  • I'm sorry you're going through this. Sending T & P. Hugs.
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  • I'm so sorry you are going through this and that we are welcoming you to this board. We are here whenever you need us.
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  • so sorry to welcome you here but glad you have found a great board for support.  ((Hugs)) to you during this difficult time.

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  • I am so sorry for what you are going through. I do not know much about your Jacks condition but I know this is very painful for you. Sending thoughts & prayers your way.
  • I am so sorry you are going through this. We induced due to a terminal diagnosis at 20w in October. My son Noah also had a Dandy-Walker cyst as well as severe hydrocephalus. My blog (missing Noah) is linked in my siggy. I have a little info there about Dandy-walker, though there is a large continuum depending on severity. I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby.
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