3rd Trimester

This is what I look like right this second...

Feast your eyes on the beauty.....ha ha hah ah aha hahahha....


Re: This is what I look like right this second...

  • ok, wait wait...is that monkey shoes on my baby!?!?


    and of course, you are a doll! i expect nothing less. :)

  • You look like such a sweet mommy!
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  • OH my gosh sooo cute I want to squeeze him!!
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  • You look beautiful! And Parker has that same exact outfit lol.
  • you're so pretty!
  • You guys reallly are wayyy too nice....I was expecting....did Matt bag ya to make that gorgeous baby???  LOL!  Yes, it is an outfit from Kohls...still way too big, but I couldn't resist the monkey feet....this was supposed to be his coming home outfit....when he was born he could have fit his whole body into one leg.
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