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Word on the street is you are a camera expert. :) what do you have? Do you love it? We are shopping for a new camera, and I have been eyeing the d60.... Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!
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  • lol...hardly:P  I shoot with a Canon.  I have a 50D.  I don't think that you can go wrong with a Nikon or Canon.  I got a Canon since I had shot previously with some family's Canons and they were good. 

    I love my Canon!  I have upgraded my lens and that has taken it to another level.  I would for sure get a good potrait lens=)

  • I haven't ever really dealt with an slr before, but it is is something that I really want to get into. I have been doing my research, and it was MH who actually thought the d60 would be a better investment over the d40. Is a portrait lense an extra lense? Not typically one that comes with the camera, correct?
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  • Yes a portait lens is extra.  The one I am eyeing is $400.  The one that comes with the camera is the "kit" lens.  Good idea upgrading initially.  I wish I would have gotten the 50D from the get go instead of the Rebel. 
  • What do you mean kit lense? As in the one that is 'included' with the camera? I am so na?ve about this...
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  • yes, the one included with the camera..sorry! 
  • Is the kit lense basically just an all purpose lense? So the price places give you is just for the body, right? And the 'kit' includes a lense, correct?
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  • yes..the kit lens will serve all purposes really=)  If the price is just for the body, it will specifically say so. Otherwise, it will include the basic lens and the camera body. 
  • Thanks! Hopefully I will have more questions in the future! As in I better freaking get a new camera. Lol.
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