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Stay at home mommy's!?

With SO looking for a full time job there is a good chance I may become a SAHM. Don't get me wrong I don't work much now and spend a lot of time home with LO but not working at all has me nervous! This might sound weird but what do you do during the day with your LO's? And if you get dinner done and keep up on the chores, how do you do it? I don't know if it's because it's winter and we can't go outside much but when I'm home with LO I get very lonely and overwhelmed at times! I'm worried if it'll be like that everyday now if I stay home. LO is great company but I'd like to talk to an adult at some point lol

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  • I always worked before having LO and I was worried about this too. We get out of the house and find things to do as much as possible. For example, we go to story time at the library, or we go to the gym and I leave her at child care for an hour. We are going to start swim lessons twice a week this winter. Between that type of stuff, grocery shopping, errands, etc., our days are pretty full. And that doesn't include taking care of the house and cooking dinner. I promise you, it is so worth it to be home. They are only this small once and it goes so fast!
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    LOs' routine pretty much dictates my day, so in that sense, I do feel a sense of structure. Like, they wake up, eat bfast, play for a little while and then go down for a nap. During that time I get myself dressed, tidy up, prep bottles, and try to do whatever chore I allotted to that day (I do have a cleaning routine....aka Monday is laundry day, Thursday is bathrooms etc. It's not super strict--like I can clean the bathroom on Friday too lol--but having it on my agenda keeps me accountable)....often end up bumping for a bit, heheh. When they get up, I get them dressed for the day, they eat lunch, I clean up from that and we either play or have an outing until their next nap. During the afternoon nap I try to get dinner started, work on chores or other to-dos, or just take a break. Then they're up again and this is the most stressful part of the day, b/c I'm usually trying to throw dinner together and they seem to be extra demanding in the late afternoon/early evening....but then DH gets home, I finish dinner and we all eat, we have bathtime and bedtime routine and they are down. Then I get a couple hours of grown-up time where I either work at my part-time job (if I have an assignment) or just veg.

    It works for me. It can definitely get monotonous and lonely, but I also have a pretty good situation. My mom is nearby and my sister still lives with her, so I visit with them a couple times a week (and when Luke has PT I bring Noah to their house and we all end up spending the day there), and MIL comes over every Friday to visit and let me run out to do errands or get a mental holiday. I also have some SAHM friends and we plan play-dates when we can. One thing that also helps a lot is that I'm still in my choir. So on Thursday nights I get to interact with adults and sing, which is a huge part of who I am. It helps with that feeling that all my talents are just gonna shrivel up and go away....which is not reality but can be a very real feeling as a SAHM.

    GL with your decision! I love being home with my babies and, despite the sacrifices, would not trade it for anything!

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