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Grinding Teeth - Help!

DS is just over ten months. He has 8 teeth, and his favorite thing to do is grind them. Constantly. I absolutely cannot stand the sound of this. It's like nails on a chalk board!

Any suggestions?!

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Re: Grinding Teeth - Help!

  • Dd started this when she got her top tooth about a month ago. It brought back horrible memories of when ds did the same thing when he got his top teeth. It will stop. In the meantime time you just have to sadly get use to it. It gives me chills every time.
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  • We asked this at DD's last ped appt. She's a grinder big time! Her pediatrician said that it's ok...that it helps to set her jaw and there is nothing that we can do to prevent it. So as much as I hate to hear it, at least it's not hurting her. 
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  • DS did this for about a week around 10 months old or so. Then he stopped. I think he was just checking his new teeth out. Hopefully your son will get bored with it and stop. But I agree, it is super annoying!

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  • My son did it constantly for about a month.  It was so LOUD, sent chills up my spine.  I would gently tap his lips with my finger, and say "no," firmly.  I'm not sure it did anything to change his behavior, but at least I felt like I was addressing it to him.  Haha.
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