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Intro & Seperation Anxiety ?

First off - time flies!  I swear I just had a baby and in a little over a week she'll be 9 months old (yea, jumping onto this board a little early).  She's starting to walk and I know pretty soon she'll take off in a sprint since she can't stand to sit still.  Maybe I'll lose some weight chasing her around??

Anyway - DD has been showing crazy attachment to me lately.  Not that she wasn't always attached to me but the past few weeks she's been very clingy to me and will get frustrated and scream if I'm in the same room as her but not playing with or holding her.  She'll evenreach for me when DH is holding her and squirm and scream until I take her from him.  Is this normal??  I work M-F and she's watched my my mom and MIL on alternating days.  I see her in the mornings and evenings and all weekend - is this just a clingy phase??  I love her like crazy but sometimes mommy needs some time on the computer while daddy watches her and she can't stand that . . .

Re: Intro & Seperation Anxiety ?

  • Our doc said attachment at 9 month could be a good thing because it shows the baby's instinct to be protected since at this age they are likely to pull up on everything and get into trouble. It's definitely natural and part of the growing process!
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  • DD has been doing this for about a week.  I'm a SAHM and it's driving me crazy!  With the holidays I have so much to do around the house and she won't play by herself for more than a couple minutes!  Hope it passes soon!
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