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I'm now almost 6 months pp and I have not lost any more weight since I had my LO. I admit I do not eat healthy and need to get better at it. As far as weight I need to lose about 80 lbs total to be satisfied, has anyone been over the 200's and lost weight successfully? If so, how did you do it? I do not have a gym membership and it's too cold to work outside. I do have Jillian's 30 day shred and insanity which I purchased right before I got pg. I'm open to suggestions thank you.

Re: Suggestions please

  • during pregnancy I reached 236 and am now back to 160-65 and still going at it... I breast fed for 6 months and started eating super healthy right after DD was born. Started exercising again around 5 or 6 months

    How many calories do you eat a day? Are you BFing?

    I track everything I eat through MyFitnessPal.

    I also did weight watchers for a while. You can look up all their Points Plus stuff online for free- you don't have to sign up through the website and pay. I really liked it because you don't  have to deprive yourself. You can still eat the yummy stuff but you have to stick to your daily point value.

    Perhaps establish a workout routine and a meal plan you can follow through the holidays and then once New Year hits go hardcore and work towards your goal!

    Good Luck!
  • I do only breastfeed, I probably eat 2200 calories give or take a day. I did try fitness pal and liked it but would get busy and forget to do it, but I should go back to it. What website can you find how many ww points you can have and what foods are what points ect....
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  • I lost 100 lbs about 3 years ago and I started out doing ww online...I did that for about 3-4 months then I had an idea of what to eat and what not to eat. After losing 75 lbs i started working out and lost the last 25. All together it took me about a year to get it all off. I have kept it all off until gaining about twenty lbs in the last three or four months an now I'm pregnant. I wanted to keep working out but I have been so sick all I want to do is lay down...hopefully I will feel better soon so I can get back to the gym:( good luck with yours!
  • As important as exercise is, the biggest part of weight loss is diet.  Start a food journal and keep track of what you eat every day.  Most people find that when they are honest with a journal they eat more/worse than they thought they did.  Others clean up their eating habits so they don't have to put a meal they aren't proud of on paper.  I personally use  The worst thing for me is and always has been going out to eat.  When I cook my own meals they are much better for me and I control my eating better.  The other thing to do, rather than hitting the gym hard to start out with, is to start slowly.  Programs like Insanity are absolutely not meant for someone who is just beginning to work out, or even someone who was in good shape and hasn't worked out in a while.  Start slow, build up to more.  It's far more satisfying to see slow, steady, progress than to be injured and sliding back down again.  Listen to your body and don't do more than it can handle.  When motivation runs out, you will need to rely on having replaced bad habits with good ones to keep going until you find it again. 

    I lost 40 pounds to join the military only to find out I was pregnant with my son when I went to enlist.  I had a very hard time watching all the weight I'd lost come back.  The last number I saw on a scale before I had him was 220 pounds.  I had given up and ate to make myself feel better, something I'm still kicking myself for.  I was back to me pre-pregnancy size before finding out 2 weeks ago that I'm pregnant again.  This time I'm determined to enjoy it and be excited, and to do it healthier than I did last time.  Losing the weight I shouldn't have gained in the first place actually inspired me, I've earned my personal training certificate along with a weight loss specialization and I am working on a fitness nutrition specialization.  If I can answer any questions, feel free to ask them!
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  • I'm looking for meal suggestions, specifically lunch and dinner. I'm just in a rut and nothing seems appetizing (besides jello, chef boyardee raviolis and pizza rolls). My husband is currently deployed and I just don't have the umph to cook meals. We were pretty healthy I'm just at a lost to cook for one... Any suggestions?
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