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Wonder week: Sequences

DS is one of the youngest on the board - bday is the 26th. Anyone had experience with this? He's been sleeping and eating fine, but I feel like there's been a notable mental regression with this leap. Far less interaction and babbling, and he gets really angry when we do, we'll. anything he doesn't like! He still plays non-stop, but just as he was becoming super interactive, it kind of dissipated. DS doesn't gesture yet either (wave, point, clap, etc) so I'm hoping this is the calm before the storm and that I can chalk it all up to some impending developmental changes...

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Re: Wonder week: Sequences

  • I definitely noticed this wonder week  - it has been a few weeks since it passed - and DS started talking, pointing, and adding a lot of new tricks (putting on his own shoes, initiating peek a boo) after it was over.
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  • Regressing in one area while focusing on another is completely normal for developing babies.  We have done a lot of sign language with my son since he was 8 months and there have been a couple of times when signs have completely disappeared and then re-appeared a few weeks later after the passing of a wonder week. It's as if he was focusing on some other skill at the time and once he had it, he went back to sign language no problem. It's usually just a normal part of their development.

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  • My DD is in this. A lot more whining then normal, getting SUPER mad (she's tried to bite me on occasion), a lot of babbling still but less focused on making physical leaps, but crying more intensely (she had a freak out in the car a couple days ago that lasted 20 min). i think she's got a couple more weeks
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