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A Newbie Tip for the NICU

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If visitors (to the NICU) having the flu shot is of importance to you, don't assume anyone you list on your approved visitor card has had their flu shot or ever will. *ASK THEM FIRST* before you put them on the list and/or inform them they have visitors' rights....

I just found out today that 3 of my 4 people haven't had the shot and don't intend on getting it. That's their choice, I understand, but I have to protect my little guy every bit I can right now.
Gotta figure out how to undo this while doing damage control. I'm too passive for confrontation and hurt feelings.
My kids aren't even allowed back because of a flu scare before LO was born and they had to quarantine the unit and change rules to NO children under 13, regardless of flu vaccinations per CDC.

(edited to clarify)

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Re: A Newbie Tip for the NICU

  • It's really awkward when one of those persons is delivering your family some home made dinner (for the second time in 2 weeks) and they nonchalantly say that they don't believe in the flu-shot "hype"...   
    We just moved to this area about a year ago and this is one of the few families we have bonded with. I would have never guessed in a million years that that would have come out of their mouth.. They also jumped in and rushed over to keep my older kids when my water broke at 5 in the morning and DH had to rush me to the hospital..

    The other person I've known for over 30 years and is a flight attendant, so I assumed she was good. I talked to her about it today and she's getting her shot when she gets back home. The other person, is my own Dad who is being stubborn as a mule. GAH

    I just spoke with DH and he is able to visit LO tonight (Im sick at home). I told him to pull the visitors sheet from the receptionist and my nurse said we can use them (NICU staff) as the reason why no one but us is now allowed in the back due to RSV/Cold/Flu outbreaks.

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  • I'm also non-confrontational, but have found it in me to stand my ground when it came to my baby. If you don't want to tell them outright, just tell them the doctors said no one witout it can come. That should be a lot easier, and takes the blame off of you.
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  • @Laurendag
    I love it....thank you very much for sharing!! :)
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  • I just want to add that it can take up to 2 weeks for the vaccine to do what it needs to do in your system to be effective. So even if the person gets the shot, I would still keep them away for 2 weeks afterwards.

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    Yeah, I was the flu shot grizzly bear with my twins, but we were so far away from home (lived in a different state then, and was hospitalized 3 hours away from home due to NICU necessity) so we never had NICU visitors to worry about, and we only had an 8 day stay. We had a sign on our door of our house when we got home asking visitors to wait until further notice before coming to see the babies due to flu/RSV/cold season. We will have that same sign put up this time, too. People still gave us grief when they tried to show up un-announced but since I had put up the notice, they didn't stick around and got over it.

    DH pulled the old visitors sheet last night and got a new one and wrote on all lines NO VISITORS and signed his name. The receptionist said they will gladly enforce it to protect ALL babies in the NICU.

    What this all boils down to with me and this post, is that I just kick myself for not planning on this interrogation ahead of time, being proactive and telling people DON'T COME, before I assumed anyone had his/her shots, including my own parents. In the blur of the PPROM and preemie delivery I didn't have my head on straight, and thinking I was helping my son by someone being able to see him in case I couldn't make it.  Little did I know, I can't make it now and those that I told were on the "list" should something happen like me being ill, are chomping at the bit to see him now to so-called "help me out" and being a tad pushy about it.

    Hopefully this chapter of drama will help someone else out who may be on the verge of a NICU stay.....

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