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sippy cup help

Do yall put formula in the sippy cups? cause I have tried once, and it didn't turn out so good, but I need to get him off bottles by one... and he is 9 months so I don't know where to start?

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Re: sippy cup help

  • I think it's easier to start putting milk in the sippy than formula.  I never had luck putting formula in a sippy.  Even this weekend when we were at the mall and I forgot the bottle, I put the formula in a sippy and he wouldn't take it.  Once you introduce milk, try in the sippy and try other cups too.  Some really like the straw cups.  Why can't you use a bottle after 1??
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  • I don't know why they can't use it after, but he will take a sippy cup but some times the formula won't come out or he has trouble getting it out. and idk about the straw just yet but I guess I could try the straw.

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  • My 9 month old mastered the straw cup about 2 months ago.  Give it a try.

    While some moms/doctors are dead set against bottles after 1yr I personally don't believe it's the end of the world.  I mean, don't give the kid bottles all day, don't give juice in a bottle but if they are struggling with a cup then a bottle isn't going to ruin them for life.  The theory is it's bad for the teeth.  But, there are tons of kids with soothers long past one and those tend to stay in the mouth all day and night...10min with a bottle isn't going to cause severe dental damage.

    FYI, our straw cup is a Nuby spill proof one.


  • Definitely try a straw cup, DS has been using one with water since about 6 months with no problem, but had issues getting a sippy to work.
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    Take and Toss straw cups are great! A has been using it since 7 months. Nothing fancy, but they are cheap and hardly leak at all!
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  • We also tried a regular sippy cup, & after months of trying, DS still hadn't gotten the hang of it. So at 9 months,  we tried a straw cup & he picked it up within the day. I'd definitely recommend trying a straw sippy cup. 
  • My daughter will drink anything but formula in her sippy cups. She'll drink water and juice (watered down juice).
  • When my LO is finished with her bottle and is thirsty within 45 minutes or so, I dump the remainder of the bottle (maybe an ounce or so) into the sippy with water and she drinks it fine then.  Our pediatrician just said try small amounts so she is used to things other then water coming from the sippy cup.  Good luck!
  • I agree that the Take and Toss ones are the best!  My LO wouldn't take any other ones.  (finally, something cheap!!)
  • We use the playtex soft straw cups and love them. Our guy has been drinking successfully from them for a couple months now... but I'm not sure about formula. It might be a little thick. I honestly wouldn't worry about weaning from the bottle yet. Your baby is only 9 months! Like a pp suggested, maybe just wean from the bottle as you wean off of formula? As you gradually replace formula feedings with whole cow's milk, give the milk in a sippy/straw cup rather than a bottle?


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  • He only uses the straw cups he loves them!

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