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Lets give 2008 her proper send off....

Dear 2008,

I will always remember this year, as it has been a bittersweet year, full of pleasure and pain, joy and heartache. I changed my job officially, and really enjoy it. I finished my licensure program and am almost done with graduate school. I spent time camping with my husband and son, boating with my IL's, and just enjoying my family. My sister married her husband, finally, and I finally gained a brother. I found out I was pregnant.... but this is where my blessings of the year turn to sadness.

I lost my second baby, something I never thought could happen, not to me. My body was unable to function properly on it's own, so I went to the Dr. and I got diagnosed with PCOS. I gained a good 20 lbs in the meantime, between stress, anxiety and probably a bit of depression. Around me, all my friends got pregnant, had their babies, and I sat, envious, unable to get pregnant along with them. I got mad at God... I'm still mad at him, but we're working on that. My faith took a severe hit. My dad lost his job, my aunt's health is slowly deteriorating, and it pains me to know she probably will be housebound this time next year.

So, 2008, I hope you'll understand when I tell you that I'm not at all sad to see you go. I don't know that 2009 will be any better, and I pray to God she isn't any worse. But good riddance 2008!



Re: Lets give 2008 her proper send off....

  • Dear 2008,

    While I appreciate that I got a promotion and two big raises this year, and all the travel we were able to do.....

    I don't appreciate the following:

    My miscarriage, my sisters IF, the fiasco with being sick on vacation, my issue with my e-ring, and all the ladies that are on this board.  They deserve a baby and 2009 better be a better you.

    And with that, I leave you with this.


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  • OP- you totally made me giggle! I second you in flipping off 2008....


    Dear 2008,

    <snip>And with that, I leave you with this.


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