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24 months

January marks 24 months as in 2 FREAKING years of TTC.  I think I'll be making an appt. with an RE in early 2009. 

Sigh....And to think I was *that* girl when I got KU with my son.  19 & on BC.  I was married but not happy.  I thank my lucky stars every day for my wonderful son, but I never thought I would have an only child.  Now I'm pushing 31 and I feel like it is never going to happen.

I did spend $15 on tests from the $ store today. 

Re: 24 months

  • I am sorry.  ((HUGS))
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  • Wow, 2 years is a long time... is there any reason you didn't see an RE before this?

    I can relate though, with how frustrating it is to have conceived so easily before, and yet have so much trouble now!

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  • I guess because we got KU after *only* trying for 9 months, but it ended in MC. 

    I kind of had a feeling it wasn't me since I've had a child before, but now I really think it's time to start checking both parties out. 

    Maybe DENIAL isn't only a river.  Maybe it is me.  Maybe because I've been in the mind set that it will happen when it happens....Not thinking it would take this long. 

  • Trust me, Denile is a rotten river to swim in, and it takes a long time to get through... But, yeah, I'd say by now, it's time both you and DH got checked out... hopefully they can give you a "reason" and "fix" the problem- the results being inconclusive, I think, would be worse than anything, aside from being told it's just not possible, and I think few Dr's say that right off the bat anymore.
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