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I believe that I see you online.  Are you here?

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  • Hi Chantelle!  I was online for a split second, and now I'm back for a split second :-)  I keep forgetting it's near years because all the days have blurred together. 

    We just got back from the NICU and wishing Andrew a happy new year.  Lauren posted for me below- everything is going well so far.  It will be challenging over the next week, and the next month.  He's in good hands.  I'll probably post some more info sometime in the next couple days.  We tried to take a picture tonight with my hand to give a sense of scale. We found out tonight he is 8 1/4 inches long. 

    Ryan and I are doing well - I can't quite walk on my own yet but I know it'll come back quickly and that seems insignificant in the scheme of things.  I'm trying to rest up and stay healthy to help the milk supply come in.  (I pump and eventually they can feed it to Andrew - not sure exactly when.)

    Okay, well, I'm tired and I just realized it's almost the new year! Happy New Year ! hope you are doing well and I'll "talk" to you again soon!  :)




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