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Bedtime Snack

Our DS is 11 months and has a cereal bottle each night before bed. Eventually, hubby and I would like to ween him off of it. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good replacement snack that is appropriate for his age? Thanks everyone.  

Re: Bedtime Snack

  • Switch to formula in a sippy cup, then eventually switch to milk in sippy cup with some snack food (fruit and crackers).  Some families find that doing a half milk, half formula mix helps transition over to straight milk.


  • James has either cheese, crackers, puffs, Cheerios, or another small snack around 7:00 before bed. Maybe some fruit or veggies too.
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  • Nicb13 said:
    Does he need a snack before bed?
    Yes, this kid needs a snack before bed.  :)
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