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How long does your LO go between feedings at night?

DD just turned 9 months. She has her last bottle around 6 pm and wakes to eat around 3 or 4 am. I know that 9 or 10 hours is a good stretch, but should I be pushing for more now that she's older? Or is 10 possibly her max?

Seems like most people I talk to say you should drop the MOTN feeding by this age, or that babies can go 12 hours between meals. But I've tried the last two nights and it hasn't gone well. Both nights I've spent about an hour shushing, patting, rocking, and CIO before I finally give in and give her a bottle, after which she goes right to sleep. So is this a habit or hunger?

Re: How long does your LO go between feedings at night?

  • I think this is pretty individual, but here's my experience: my son was waking once, sometimes even twice, a night to nurse all the way through his first year and we just really weren't comfortable letting him cry it out. Everybody and their brother, including our doctor, told us it was just habit and We were setting him up for sleep problems down the road, but we ignored them all, thinking it was our job to tend to our baby's cries... then at about 12 1/2 months he started dropping those middle of the night feedings all by himself!! Now at 15 1/2 months he sleeps through the night most nights, although he occasionally has a rough night, especially if we've had a really busy day, or sometimes he even has a rough spell for no real discernible reason. I'm still really happy with our progress. So was he waking due to hunger or habit up until now? Who knows? He's a baby.
  • BF.  My 9 month old lasts 2hrs00min between night feeds.


  • DD will be 9 months next week and still usually wakes once a night for a bottle.  I personally don't think she's old enough for CIO and she's always been a very good and very easy baby.  And if she's hungry, she's hungry.  I give her an 8 oz. bottle before bedtime which is normally between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. and let her drink her fill which is normally about 6 oz. but sometimes she sucks the whole thing down.  She's usually up between 3-4:30 a.m. wanting another small bottle (diaper change time, too) and then falls right back to sleep.  

    Like the PP said, I think she'll phase out the middle of the night bottle when she's ready. 

  • My 10 month old has her last bottle of the night around 8PM, and wakes up for a morning bottle between 4:30-6:30AM.  She takes 8 ounces at a time.

  • Dd eats around 7 before she goes to bed. She usually wakes to feed around 1 am and again at 430. She is eating a good amount, so i am not going to take that from her. I think she'll phase it out eventually but she still eats every 2-3 hours during the day so 6 hours seems like a lot to go and she eats like she is starving. We have been transitioning her to her crib, we co slept until recently. She starts the night in her crib and when she wakes to feed I bring her to bed with me, so Im only awake for a couple of minutes. I don't feel like it really disrupts my sleep.




  • Feed and bedtime at 7pm then wake up at 4am for bf. then back down and wake up at 6ish for day. At our 9 month appt my doctor also suggested we cut out the 4am feed but I'm not comfortable letting him cry and he is so hungry when he wakes at 4am after sleeping 9 hours straight. I'm going to keep doing what we are doing now since he is happy so why mess with a good thing? I should add if he is teething or we are traveling he wakes every 2-4 hours for feed.
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  • I'm lucky if I get 8 hours!  DD usually eats at least 2 times in 12 hours. 
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  • My son hasn't had a night feeding since he was about 10 weeks old.  He now gets his last meal (cereal and a 6oz bottle) at around 7:30, goes to bed around 8-8:30, and wakes up at roughly 7am.  It used to be that I fed him right before bed, but this way, he has a chance to wet and have one last diaper change before bed, so he doesn't soak through his sleeper. 


    Maybe try adding a before-bed feeding in addition to her 6:30 feeding.  She might not eat as much as she does at her 6:30 feeding, but it may be enough to keep her asleep through the night.

  • My 10 month old goes to bed between 7-8 pm. She gets her last 6 oz bottle right before she goes to bed. She wakes up around 6:30-6:45 and I feed her around that time while we're getting ready for work and daycare.
  • Dd wakes up twice sometimes once to nurse. It's just not in her to sttn.
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  • DS gets his last bottle at 8:00 and wakes for the day around 6:30-7:30. He was eating once in the MOTN until right around 8 months. He was still waking, but would fall asleep before getting any food in. We knew then that he wasn't waking because he was hungry and it was time to stop MOTN feedings. He's 9 months now.

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  • DS has a messed up sleep schedule (our fault) but has his last bottle around 9:30 pm and first bottle at 7:30 am.
  • My 6m DS will go 7-7 without a feed and has been doing that for 2 months. He just slowly cut the night feeds somewhere between 3-4m. I used to dream feed though when he hit a weight plateau at around 4m but quit that when he wouldn't go back to sleep after and weight gain improved.  He eats every 1.5 -3 hours during the day and a big meal before he sleeps and when he wakes. 

  • Almost 12 months and she hasn't woken to eat at night since she was 7 weeks old. She nurses before bed at 8pm and when she wakes in the morning at 8am.
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  • (BHRR) Why do we put time limits on our children? And compare them to the "majority"? Why cant we realize that our children are their own person and are perfectly unique? Just because one baby will go 10 or 12 hours without waking up to eat and another wakes every two hours, it doesn't mean one is better or normal compared to the other. Dont expect him/her to be like every other baby. What we should worry most about, is catering to the individual and unique needs of our baby. When are we as parents going to stop letting the society and pediatricians teach us how our children should be? (Nothing personal to anyone just speaking my mind)
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